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Christmas Cruise Are They Worth The Stress if You Are Single.

Going on a cruise is magical when you go on the right cruise with a good circle of friends OR going it on your own is all about picking the right time.

If you are a family and you need to travel in school holidays NOW is the time to go. Here you will meet other people with children.

Need to book early as there is a child age limit to each of the cruise lines so it’s very important to book and plan ahead. The advantage of this that the kids will be able to join in the kids club and chances are they will have such fun it will be hard to drag them away from their activities.

These cruises are very busy and noisy with the kids full of excitement about Christmas anyway so be sure to book cruises with a Sanctuary where

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Simple Ways to Beat Sea Sickness on a Cruise


With sea sickness sometimes a few things that you can do to help prevent sea sickness before it starts, many people can talk themselves into feeling ill in the first place but I want to say due to the large ships

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Santa Cruise for Solo Traveller


Santa Cruise for Solo TravellerSanta Cruise for Solo Traveller is not all about brooding at home and watching re-runs of movies that you have seen at least half a dozen times before.  It is not all about staying in bed and  sleeping through Christmas day, it is all about getting out and seeing places that you have only dreamed about before.

Read the new article about Christmas Cruise for Solo Travellers and see if it will tempt you into action to book a cruise and have some fun!


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Dance Classes for the Dateless

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Dance ClassesHave ever thought about dance classes as a way of getting out and meeting people? Not only is it great exercise and gives you further social graces it is one of the best ways that singles can link up with each other. It really doesn't matter if you have 2 left feet there will be classes to take you through A-Z and you will gradually pick things up.

One of the best things I think is that if you start going to dance classes quiet a few classes have socials too so that you can practice your new moves.

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Best Alaska Cruises 2012

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Alaska CruisesThis year I have already booked Alaska Cruises 2012 as I know that the season to travel to this unique port is only through the summer months. Knowing this I also am aware that the cruises book out nearly as quick as they are advertised.

Read the latest information on Alaska Cruises 2012 so you will know why this cruise is so popular!

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Travel Companions To Share Travel costs

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Travel CompanionsThere has been a lot written about single supplements and how it is cheaper to share the costs of travel by having a travel companions for singles assigned to you to keep the cost of travel down. Quiet a few travel agents have thoughtfully kept lists of people that they know are traveling alone and suggesting sharing with a companion of the same sex.

Some people like this idea while others prefer their own cabins. It's up to you of course better to read the article to make up your mind.

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