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Things You Don’t Know About Your Cruise Ship Cabins


Things You Don't Know About Your Cruise Ship CabinPersonally, I love cruise ships and all that they offer, especially the cabin space which becomes your little sanctuary away from activities where you can have an afternoon siesta.  I am sure that there are a few things about your cruise ship cabins that you were not aware of, for example, did you know that the walls and doors are magnetic?  Honestly, I didn’t.

It so happens, that even if the walls don’t feel or look like they are metallic or magnetic, they are.
What I learnt from my cruise ship cabins:
Before I talk abut the cruise ship cabins I just want to point out that the cabin boy that looks after all of your whims and keeps your cabin spic and span should always be looked after in the way of a tip early on in your cruise.  This way you are assured to be

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