Iceland Vacation Cruise

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Going on an Iceland vacation will take a little planning but I can guarantee that this trip will go down as one of the best you have ever been on. In all honesty I can say that I have never had a more fun-filled trip than my Iceland vacation.

Sometimes when you go somewhere you really like and think I would go back to there in a flash as the trip went well and the attractions were ten times better than I could ever expect. It is nice at times to get a balanced look at a holiday and I found some interesting reviews on the Trip advisor that felt the same way

On an Iceland Vacation-things to do:

Selfoss for instance in a recent review wrote: “It was my first experience with seeing a geyser so it was fun to visit the site of Gesyir the geyser where all others get their name.

Haukadalur the valley where Strokkur the Little Gesyir and Gesyir are located has many geysers and geothermal features. We visited the valley on a cool rainy day and the warm water made everything misty and warm.

Iceland Vacation CruiseThere is a prevailing sulfurous smell but that just enhances the alien feel of this weird landscape. There are signs identifying the various features as well as warnings not to touch the rivulets of hot water 120 °C coursing down the hill.

We did not stick around for Gesyir to blow its top (it can go four time a day but can have intervals of almost a week but Strokker was on time and very impressive.”

Actually I stayed around to watch the Gesyir blow and it was really something to see.  Travelling all this way (Australia) it is a site you would not perhaps get a chance to see in a lifetime.

On any well-planned holiday a consideration is for the time of year that you are traveling because if you are doing Dog sledding Iceland vacation you may be disappointed if you pick the wrong month and there is no snow!

As you may not to get to do an activity that had appealed to you.  For instance Dog Sledding one of the things that you need to take into consideration is the month that you are traveling.

Being adaptable on holidays is great advice on having a worry free experience.  If you can’t do an activity try other variations of the activity like another Trip Advisor happy client wrote how she dealt with a change of activity along with a few handy hints to consider.

“We arrived in Iceland out of season (October) and therefore it was not possible to do dog sledding up on the glacier so ATV tours are run in the nearby countryside, surrounding the farm.  The weather was wet and cool but that did not dampen the dogs, the mushers’ enthusiasm or ours.

After we were all kitted out with warm over suits, it was off to help harness the dogs. Also we got to lend a hand with. As soon as the lead dog is brought out its moments then we are away sweeping out of the farm and out on to the route.

Siggi and Klara are great, easy to talk to and very friendly. They talk you through their dogs, explaining the differences in the dogs and their techniques and experiences. All the time the dogs are happily trotting along.

An experience that will last a long time if you are into dogs. Not something to wear your finest clothes to but warm practical clothing.”

There is so many beautiful places in the world but none more beautiful than Iceland vacation in summer with the hills that surround the deep fjords are covered with delicate, beautiful wildflowers that are really very showy and attract visitors for this alone.

 Cruise to your Iceland Vacation

As hotels can get a little pricey especially over the summer months there are many reasons why you should consider taking a cruise ship to one of the most remote destinations in the world for one the cost compared to the hotels alone makes this the best way to travel.

I would recommend a cruise to have your Iceland vacation to anyone who appreciates the ocean, the mountains, or the delicate grassy shores of this varied and fascinating land.

Many on an Iceland vacation will start their cruise from one of the ports scattered throughout Europe.  It is just magical though and you will have the opportunity to sail through the beautiful deep natural harbors, and look at all of the quaint farming villages perched delicately along the rocky shores.

All of this and more await you on your Iceland vacation; the whole experience is one that will thrill you from the start.





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