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Europe River Cruises:

Is a luxury river cruise worth the extra dollars?  That is what I really wondered as it is seen to be one of the world’s truly indulgent cruises guaranteed to be both relaxing and unique holiday for those that want this type of travel experiences.

Once on board you are basically on a luxurious all suite floating hotel with knowledge that there is only one upfront fee and everything else is inclusive.

Where do these cruises go to?  Do you get enough time in the one port to soak up the atmosphere or are you just herded on and off the board for a whirlwind visit before setting sail again.

I was reading a brochure supplement in the Sunday papers on APT Europe River Cruises and this is what they said.  “For centuries, Europe’s waterways have connected and divided the enchanting cities, towns and villages along their shores.  Steeped in the legends of the past, visiting these places is to step back in time, immersing you in the history of the past and the culture of the present.”

It sounded ideal and I read further on that APT have a fleet of 12 luxury award winning luxury river ships which goes to show how popular these cruises have become with people of all age groups.  APT have plans to expand on the waterways on to take in the magnificent riverside sights of the Rhine, Rhone, Saone, Main, Moselle, Danube, Duoro, Seine and many more just to whet your appetite.

 Europe River Cruises – Spoilt for Choice:

 Europe River CruisesRomantic River Seine Cruising – Next year one of APT new itineraries for cruises that are perfect for those that want to take in the majestic of north-west France in depth.  The brochure goes on to say “discover a veritable treasure trove of beautiful villages, pleasant landscapes, historic chateaux and imposing castles.

Douro River Cruising – Another cruise to look out for in 2013in the new luxury river ship the MS Ama Vida, discover Portugal’s hidden gems – its lush vineyards, storied culture and stunning natural beauty, as you cruise on on of Europe’s most unspoilt rivers, the Douro River.

Rhine, Rhone and Moselle Treasures Cruising- This is definitely the way to discover the grandeur and natural splendour as you cruise 3 of Europe’s most incredible rivers, the Rhine, Rhone and Moselle.  Explore historic treasures, unique architecture and gourmet cuisine, for a truly complete holiday experience.

Black Sea Voyage – Take in the Danube River’s rich history as you cruise from Budapest to Rousse, gliding through one of Europe’s most impressive natural wonders, the Iron Gates, as you wind past the Carpathian and Balkan Mountains.

Magnificent Europe River Cruising – Experience for yourself the beauty and gradeeur of up to 6 countries s you cruise between Amsterdam, and Budapest on a magical journey.  This is by far one of the most popular river cruise, you’ll enjoy a cultural immersion others can only hope to emulate.

To answer the first question I posed do I think that Europe River Cruises is worth the extra dollars, and without a shadow of a doubt I say “most definitely!”

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