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There is not all that much written about disabled travel that I could find while I was looking for options to go on a much needed holiday.  You see when my husband was seriously injured in a motorbike accident and he spent a total of 5 months in hospital rehabilitating our whole world has changed from that day on how to tackle day to day things to now the travel that we want to do when we need to get away from our day to day routines.  I know that the site is for singles but I am sure that the information contained below will be able to help either married or single disabled people get around.

I soon realized that disabled travel has not been a consideration for many tour operators who quiet simply do not cater for disabled persons in their itineraries.  There doesn’t seem to have the facilities that would enable my husband to get on and off transport.

And if this isn’t possible it means the person is not able to go on their much loved travel as it all gets too hard.  That is when I started to investigate cruises as the ideal place for a floating vacation that would have all that I needed on board and the cruise would visit all of the places that I have been meaning to go to but hadn’t got around to it.

Disabled Travel Disabled people make up a more substantial part of the population than you might realize. The problem is that many of them become isolated after they develop their disabilities and give up on disabled travel.

Basically, my thoughts are if you are seriously injured you can handle it in one of two ways. You can either shutdown and be isolated, or you can be defiant until the end, insisting on enjoying your life. When my husband was first injured, it seemed like he could sit around for a while and do nothing and spent a few months sitting inside the house just watching TV. Then he realized that life didn’t have to be that boring and that is when I started seeing the old spark back in him again and I began to investigate disabled travel options.   There are many options for disabled travel that make things easier for those of us with handicaps or disabilities.

What I did find for Disabled travel:

  •  If you book a cruise well in advance you have a better chance of getting a disabled cabin
  • Fill out the questionnaire stating you will require help on boarding
  • When you get to the ship terminal make your way to the desk and show them your details and wait for them to help you to board – normally you will be taken on first allowing you to settle into your cabin
  • Know also that ships have their own wheel chairs that are smaller and can be loaned depending on the cruise line and of demand
  • If you have a disability that you can’t walk distances you may be better off either hiring or buying a Travel Scoot which is a portable wheelchair.  The company can organize to have this on the cruise ship waiting for you

Disabled TravelIf you are on dialysis don’t let this stop you from going on a cruise as you see that the larger cruise ships are like a fully equipped hospital and they have a dialysis machine so you can dialyze at sea.

For the carer (me) travel can be stressful as you are the organizer and responsible for all medications, equipment, luggage needed plus the transport and putting together disabled travel is something similar to a well thought out military operation to and from the cruise ship.

But what I do love is the amount of help you get from the moment you step on board.  For me to know my husband is safe and I can then go off and be fully indulged in the day spa before meeting my husband for cocktails after I feel and look a million dollars.

As there are so many seniors that have disabilities, disabled travel is actually a fairly well developed market. Disabled travelers can go almost everywhere nowadays. I can take travel wheelchairs with me on the road, go on ships with handicap accessible ramps, and generally get around to almost everywhere I wanted to go to before through disabled travel accommodations.

If you are indeed like my husband need information about disabled travel I can honestly say to you not to despair. Disabled travel can still take you too many of the most exciting destinations in the world all it takes is a little bit of research before you go.

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