Cruise Ship Jobs Australia

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Cruise Ship Jobs Australia Cruise ship jobs Australia may be on your mind, because when you get a job on a cruise ship, you’ll be able to travel the entire world and get paid for it, and that’s a wonderful thing!  Why not spend your normally cold winter in the tropical Caribbean and usually hot Summers in glorious Alaska?  Certainly, Australia is known the world over for its temperate climate as well as an inland desert climate and a northern coastal tropical one, but there are many and varied climate zones around the world that you could also experience.

Exotic ports of call will become routine with wonderful places such as those in New Zealand, Europe, South America, and your native Australia.  Cruise ship jobs make a wonderful career.  Passengers can pay up to $5,000 per week to sail on board a luxury cruise ship.  Staff get to enjoy the same benefits not only free, but they get paid for it as well!  Often, jobs on cruise ships are tax free.  New graduates from college often seek out these types of jobs if they want to gain experience, and see the world.

Cruise Ship Jobs Australia – background:

This maritime industry has been growing in the past decade, not declining.  Cruise lines have doubled their fleets and their staff.  There could be over 47,000 new jobs of this type in 2014, so if you’re looking for some cruise ship jobs Australia then applying sooner rather than later is a good idea.  The ships themselves are built at the rate of perhaps seven new ones each year.  Every time one is built it is often bigger than any previous ones, and this means that more staff are needed.

Cruise Ship Jobs Australia Many cruise ships now are over 100,000 tons.  Royal Caribbean Cruises has a whopper of a ship with their 220,000 ton Oasis of the Seas.  These huge passenger liners resemble a large floating hotel more than anything else.  They have malls, food courts, theatres, 5-star restaurants, and they are often like a small city.  In fact, some have called them our modern day Atlantis.  Jobs on board a cruise ship are almost identical to those in a resort on land.

When you go to apply for a cruise ship jobs Australia, often the jobs you’ve had on land will easily qualify you for employment with the company.  Sometimes there’s a high turnover amongst cruise ship staff so this means many job openings are constantly coming up.  A lot of workers are transitory these days and it’s not that they don’t like working on a luxury liner, as who wouldn’t?  Almost anyone will find a good job on board a cruise ship no matter what they have been working at previously.

When you sign up for cruise ship jobs Australia the adventure is about to begin!

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