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Cruise Critic Boards If you’re looking for a place where people discuss all things about cruising, then check out one of those cruise critic boards.  They are similar to social networks and one of the biggest is over 5 million people strong.  It’s an interactive community and they have many FAQs about singles cruises, bargains, itineraries, and blogs about where people have gone, as well as what they’ve seen, and probably most importantly — what they think about the experience.

Both seasoned cruise aficionados as well as rookies gain valuable knowledge from being  a cruise critic, as well as checking out old and new information which is constantly being updated by contributors as well as cruise ship companies. An editorial staff will offer cruise reviews and have stories about destinations and profiles of cruise businesses, as well.

A couple of the best cruise critic boards have been around for over a decade and are known for being innovators of cruise travel info which is definitely consumer oriented.

Features of these cruise critic boards are:

  • They are market leaders in cruise travel info
  • They often have the largest amount of web viewers
  • They do have emotional ties to consumers who are focused on this type of travel,  as a lot of the info is from consumers themselves
  • They post the latest in formation regarding cruising

Cruise critic boards which have grown by almost 400% in  a few years show that high interest is there and that there material is always fresh, relevant and interesting.  One top board has a comprehensive info center and special articles and features about up to date and current info for the entire cruising public, including singles and special interest groups.  These boards can offer:

  • Videos about cruising
  • Visits to shipyards (very interesting!)
  • Virtual cruises
  • Photo stories
  • Guides to spring breaks
  • Cruising gift shops
  • Where the hurricanes are at

Cruise Critic Boards Good sites offer updates frequently because they know that their web presence must be kept fresh, interesting and fun.  Members of these cruise critic boards can read up on any breaking news, watch great videos, and read or give reviews about the cruising experience. A good vacation planning helper is one which gives many hundreds of cruise ship reviews, over fifty cruise ship profiles so you can pick your favorite one, info about where to go and what to do, and they will also give descriptions of several worldwide ports.

These boards will give you lifestyle and specialty cruise info, guides, and how to find the perfect cruise for you.

If you don’t know much about cruising, stopping by one of these really useful cruise critic boards and it will give you all the answers to your questions.










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