Christmas Cruise: for Solo Travellers

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Searching for the Best Christmas Cruise for solo travelers sounds interesting concept but not one that I thought would attract singles but it is hard to know.  For myself I associate Christmas cruises to be filled with families and kids and noise and I couldn’t see what the attraction would be to go on such a cruise until I read an article by Janette Griffiths from the Telegraph UK and her experience on a trip down the Danube.

“This particular AmaWaterways cruise along the Danube was destined for cities I have always wanted to see swaddled in a blanket of snow – Vienna, Nuremberg, Budapest and Bratislava. Plus there was free seating at meals so I could eat with whom I liked and the cabins all had big picture windows so I wouldn’t even need to put on my snow boots – I could just stay in my cabin with a glass of wine and watch the scenery unfold”.

I really think that is what a Christmas cruise for solo travellers should be like to see the places that you have always wanted to see and for most of us really Christmas is a time that we have holidays and relax and do what we want to do and there are many things to do both on board and in the different ports.

What happens on a Christmas Cruise for solo travellers:

Christmas Cruise: for Solo Travellers The cruise included at least one city excursion in each of our stops. I toured Budapest on a foggy day when ice floes were hurtling along the Danube, and ornate palaces, thermal baths and statues drifted in and out of the mist.

I walked from the boat to the heart of sweet little Bratislava, a ginger bread sort of a town all gables and cobbles. I rode the tour bus around the Ring in Vienna then escaped to my favourite café. In Regensburg, I took a walk with a wise and funny guide in a foot of snow.”

On a cruise you will find that you will have ample time to get off the ship and explore the city for the day.  Do things that you wouldn’t normally do hire a taxi either on your own or take a bus trip around the circuit of the town you are sure to see more this way than if you went by foot.

Out of all the days of the year to travel at Christmas and the days surrounding it people are more relaxed, happy and smiling.  And they make an effort to help the tourist.

 Christmas cruise – for solo travellers: What to expect on board.

“The knowledgeable and helpful cruise director seated me at dinner with other solo passengers. These varied in age from 40 to 70 and hailed mainly from America, Canada, Australia and Britain.

Some I liked, some I didn’t. I definitely liked the dinners, served at the table with a choice of five main courses and house wine included. By the third evening, I’d found a mix of couples and singles whose company I enjoyed”.

Christmas Cruise: for Solo Travellers I love meeting new people and really what I have found with cruises is that you will get out of a cruise what you put in.  If you want to have fun and meet many new people this is a great opportunity to meet new friends.  Like human nature there are some that you will already have a bond with while others you will give them a wide berth.  But doesn’t that make us individuals?  Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same!

“On Christmas Eve, there was a gala dinner and dancing afterwards. The eastern European crew sang a concert of English carols. That felt like enough Christmas for me, but the cruise director convinced me to join the Christmas Day excursion to Salzburg even though I already knew it well. Silent Night was written just outside Salzburg and I entered the cathedral just as the choir was singing it.”

Really would you of sat home at Christmas and missed all of the fun and the sights and the sounds of a different country at Christmas?

I really think particularly if you are single you should consider to go on a Christmas cruise for solo travellers rather than stay home and watch re-runs of old movies!



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