Biggest cruise ships coming in 2020 Theme cruises, ships going greener, expeditions and much much more…


Some of the biggest cruise ships coming in 2020  makes me and many others beyond excited when we land lovers get a whiff of new cruise lines who are forever coming up on new ideas to tempt us onboard with more exotic locations, more to offer onboard to keep us all entertained.

For me I am already sold though as I peek behind the curtains and only now can stop speculating on what is coming as it is here now!

Check out what we are excited to report in the way of onboard dining, fun, shore side entertainment and what’s more to come in 2020 cruise trends.

1. Greener Cruise Lines Making Changes to lower environmental impact

With global warming a hot topic and growing awareness about the effects of tourism on local communities and the planet as

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Princess Cruise Line celebrates 50th anniversary


Princess Cruise Line celebrates 50th anniversaryPrincess Cruise Lines first launched in 1965 and their one ship (the Princess Patricia) made a maiden journey to Mexico. Now, 50 years later, the cruise has steadily grown to be the third largest passenger cruise line in the entire world.

They are known to take travelers to fascinating and amazing ports around the world. In addition to some new destinations, like Loreto and La Paz, you will be able to experience the same itinerary that the first cruise ship of this line experienced – Manzanilllo, Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta.

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New Cruise Ships expected in 2015

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New Cruise Ships expected in 2015New Cruise Ships expected in 2015 - are you as excited as me when I hear about a new cruise ships coming to town. Its like a big build up and you know that it is coming and just can't wait to see what they have done. I suppose I am a little cruise groupy really!

The new year comes with exciting new cruising options, events and new ships to hit the open seas.

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Allure of the Seas – May 2015

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The Allure of the Seas is a cruise ship by Royal Caribbean and it hold 6,296 passengers as well as 2,384 members of the crew.

Starting in May of 2015, this majestic ship will be sailing from Barcelona Spain to major ports in Italy, France and Majorca.

This cruising experience is perfect for individuals who want to brag that they sailed on the largest ship in the entire world in addition to the nonstop nightlife and huge variety of dining and entrainment options.

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Best Ships for Cruisers with Disabilities

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Individuals with disabilities, who wish to take a cruise, think about things that other cruisers may never consider.  Even though all cruise ships should be compliant with ADA (American Disability Act), there is no standard that is set forth for cruise ships.  Thankfully, each individual cruise line wants to make a vacation on the high seas an enjoyable vacation for everyone, and they consider their disabled guests, and try to make accommodations easy and comfortable.

Royal Caribbean offers extra-large staterooms that easily allow for wheelchair mobility.  Other accommodations include: lifts at the pool, lower tables at the casino and wheelchair spaces for the movie theater.

In addition, this cruise line has interpreters for the hearing impaired, and also closed-captioned TV

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Cruise – Free Drinks


Cruise – Free DrinksBig ships are a great place to have a cocktail, or two, as you do not have to worry about driving to your next destination. The problem may arise when it’s time to sign your booze bill. Many cruises strive to create a relaxing atmosphere, and even someone whom only has an adult beverage, “once in a while”, may indulge in a few fancy frozen drinks while they soak up the sun, pool side. The fact that no cash exchanges hands makes it very easy to over indulge.

Today, we have a few tips to enjoy drinks for free, while onboard a luxury cruise liner.

If you are a regular “cruiser”, many ships (including the Holland America) appreciate past customers, and invite them to a special, complimentary champagne brunch. The Royal Caribbean will open the bar for regular repeat customers, as a

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Expedition Cruises: the Good and the Bad


Expedition CruisesIf you are looking for an adventure, such as hiking along shorelines or through a forest to view nature’s beauty in raw it’s form – than Expedition Cruises would be right up your alley.  Allow us to share the pros and cons of Expedition Cruises with you.


DESTINATION: With Expedition Cruises, it is ALL about the destination, and not so much about the sea worthy ship journey that is taking you there.  For the most part, most excursions (and equipment) are included with the Expedition Cruises total price tag.

COMPANIONSHIP: Single travels may be alone, but they will rarely feel lonely on Expedition Cruises.  Since everyone is traveling for the same purpose, there is always something to talk about.  There is no “class” barrier because

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Cruise Cancellation Policy – Read the fine print!


Cruise Cancellation PolicyI have had reason to taken a closer look at the cruise cancellation policy as we are planning a family Christmas cruise.

At this stage we are just kicking ideas and itineraries around and if you can think that we will be travelling in a large group of 15 people there is definitely a lot of input coming from every direction.

Not only am I trying to take everyone’s wish list into consideration I have another reason to look further into the cruise cancellation policy is that I have a terminally ill family member wanting to come on the cruise.
 Why to look closer at cruise cancellation policy
 At this stage I have not booked anything as looking at the cancellation policy of most of the cruise ships they are very inflexible and require over 100 + days notice to get some

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Carnival Cruise Liner – Repair Delays Departure

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Carnival Cruise LinerCarnival cruise liner is not going anywhere fast due to the repairs that are taking longer than expected to  repair the ships propulsion shafts.  And I know that people are angry and upset with the Carnival cruise liner “Slendor” but I think we should all take a deep breath and thank God that the ship is being repaired in dry dock rather than to get to the middle of no where and break down.

Emotions run high as people’s plans are dashed – but we really do need to get a grip and think of “what if” it did happen out in the deep blue sea.  Can you imagine how people would scream then?
Carnival cruise liner – will compensate:
Passengers scheduled to embark on the January 13 cruise received e-mails today notifying them of the change and mentions that Carnival cruise liner

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Cruise Liners Increase Safety Changes Since the Concordia Sinking

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Cruise liners increase safetyCruise liners increase safety is an under statement since I traveled last year and practically new the drill but this time on the same ship Radiance of the Seas its a whole different kettle of fish.  The drills before sailing were similar but in more detail.  You needed to give cabin number and the occupants names.  Last time it was a tick beside your statesroom number.

The crew were running to the drill as if you were not on time you would get into big trouble this was the very words that the cabin boy used.  And the drills went on even when we were on tours on land with lowering boats into the ocean and the crew playing a big part in the smooth running of the practice evacuation.  For me there can never be enough cruise liners increase safety measures ever!

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