What if luggage for your cruise is lost??

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First thing first though before you finish packing for your cruise you should of either had your travel agent either send you the baggage labels to attach to your bags that have your name and your cabin number clearly on the label OR if you have booked online you can register and download the labels and then print them off.

Ensure that the labels can be clearly seen from every handle on the bag. If you have 3 bags for example you would put 1/3 2/3 3/3 so that they know the number of bags that will go to the cabin.


When you arrive at the shipping terminal usually you will be directed to the bag drop off area where they will deliver the bags to your cabin. Don’t panic if your bag is not there straight away give them a few hours then go to the purser’s desk with the details of your cabin number etc.

In general, luggage could be missing for two reasons: Either crew found contraband (smuggled booze or prohibited gadgets like irons or candles), or your bag was delivered to the wrong cabin. Guest services should be able to sort out the situation.

If bags have been legitimately lost the cruise lines are usually awesome and have a selection of t-shirts and other items until you reach port and are able to replace the items on shore.

Also the laundry will help you keep up the washing of your items and again you will no doubt have insurance to claim it’s just the inconvenience of not having your personal items.

There are things that can go wrong when you travel always preparation is the best remedy. Whether your bags are transferred by the airline or the drop off area, you should never pack in checked luggage items like medications that you cannot live without.

In fact, this sort of bag should be carried on separately so you are not caught out.
This just all ads to things that can happen on holidays and you will be able to have a laugh about it later down the track.

Enjoy your holiday all the same….sometimes these things as rare as they are DO happen.