What happens if the shore excursion is sold out?

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We have all been there when we have booked the cruise that appealed to us the most and where we have thumbed and daydreamed and spent hours pouring over the different pages in the glossy magazine telling us about all of the on board activities and then start to plan what wonderful things we would like to do in the ports we visit.

The big countdown to the date we sail off into the sunset seems ages away when we think oh crap we have not booked the day tour at blank….we madly ring either the agent and then no good news there ring the cruise line to be told the same thing OMG…what now??

There are a few that you can do if you are a loyal cruise passenger to the cruise line you are going with you may go to them direct on board and sweetly point out (never demand and be a right pain in the bum) how long you have been cruising with that shipping line and see what they can do. I am sure they will bend backwards for you.

If you are a keen internet researcher you may want to search online and in some cases find similar or the same tour at the same price or a better price since you can cut out the middle man.

The last option if all of this does not bring up the tour you want is that I get off board and I hire a guide to take you to the same tour that you have written down.

This is an amazing way to see what you want to see ad you will not have crowds and hopefully the driver will have a great knowledge of the tour destination and you in the end you will have a fantastic day.

Travel is a adventure – if you have missed out on the shore tour chances are there are a few others that may even want to go with you and it would be a chance to make new friends and have a laugh and enjoy the tour together share the costs and drink in the culture and the whole experience of being somewhere that is new.