Travel Insurance for Singles

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Travel Insurance for Singles

Travel insurance for singles is big bickies now a day as more single travellers are hitting the cruise scene. Saying that I know quiet a number of people who are young and say that they are not bothering with insurance this time as they will be fine. When I have heard this I have been quiet shocked as there are a thousands of things that could go wrong when you are away from home shores.

Lost luggage is one of those annoying things that can happen when you go and wait by the carousel and see only the odd bag going around and around and it’s not yours! This is more common than you know and for the person with no travel insurance means that they are literally standing in the only clothes that they have in a different country.

Cancellation of flights which happens due to maintenance or bad weather, without travel insurance this means that you will need to start digging into your holiday spending money to use on hotels. Or if something happens at home or work commitments prevents you from travelling on the date that you booked and without insurance will see you lose all the money you have paid.

International Health Insurance

Sickness or injury when you are away. This is a good example for people on board a cruise ship as what happens if you were on a tour away from the ship and needed urgent medical attention. Here you are in a different country in a hospital far away from your home town and the ship you were on has now left port. Not only are you liable for all of your medical bills that have been clocked up you will also need to make your way back home, meaning more expense for flights etc.

Loss or theft of valuables and jewellery sometime does happen so you really do need travel insurance for singles. Even though it will be hard to replace something of sentimental value at least you are smart enough to insure them so you would have money to replace the item.

Travel Insurance Tips

  • always read the fine print when purchasing online.  Ensure that you are comparing the same sort of policies so that you can see if you really are getting a good deal
  • if you don’t see something on the policy that you need coverage for …ask.  It is no good if you are doing some sort of adventure sport while on a tour only to find if you get injured you are not covered
  • declare all of pre-existing medical conditions
  • if you are taking expensive electronic equipment with you make sure that the insurance covers this or take out extra coverage
  • not being morbid but does your policy cover death?  I knew someone that had a friend die on a tour and to get the body home it was going to cost $25,000 and that was several years ago.  It pays to ask questions in order to make sure the travel insurance policy is tailor made for you

See the world…not the medical bills. International health insurance is just a click away.

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  • hanks, I just had a road runner on my flight to London last week- she was pushing her way through to get off the plane first.. unfortunately for her we were all bused to the terminal together where there were long lines at immigration.. dont know why she was rushing around so much…

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