Things You Don’t Know About Your Cruise Ship Cabins


Things You Don't Know About Your Cruise Ship Cabin

Personally, I love cruise ships and all that they offer, especially the cabin space which becomes your little sanctuary away from activities where you can have an afternoon siesta.  I am sure that there are a few things about your cruise ship cabins that you were not aware of, for example, did you know that the walls and doors are magnetic?  Honestly, I didn’t.

It so happens, that even if the walls don’t feel or look like they are metallic or magnetic, they are.

What I learnt from my cruise ship cabins:

Before I talk abut the cruise ship cabins I just want to point out that the cabin boy that looks after all of your whims and keeps your cabin spic and span should always be looked after in the way of a tip early on in your cruise.  This way you are assured to be getting that little bit of extra attention from day 1.

I realize that a major complaint about cruise ship cabin is the lack of space, to store luggage and packages, so take a look under the bed, and you will be surprised with much needed extra space.  This is very helpful as you won’t be tripping over your travel bag or trying to stuff it in the closet.

All cruise ship cabins are not created equal; we all know that, but just like the “bulk head” seat in an aircraft that provides more leg room, you don’t have to dish out first-class prices for comfort.  The same holds true for cabins on a cruise; for example there are standard cabins (with balconies) that are considered desirable, because of a “hump” they will give you more room (in the room and also on the balcony) for the same price.

This particular room is only found on ships that are bulging from the middle.  Some corner rooms (usually found aft) have balconies that are extra-large, because they wrap around.  Which is ideal if you have a few friends around for drinks or that private sun bathing you want to do while at sea.

It pays to plan ahead for your cruise ship cabins.

cruise ship cabinsPerhaps you are cruising for the first time or you just never knew that the bed is the one piece of furniture in the room that can be moved, separated or joined.  Of course, it is always best to request your preferred configuration of the bed during the booking process, but mistakes are certainly possible or a need to relocate from your original room may need to happen.  Please contact your cabin steward for this task to be done quickly and effectively.


If you are prone to seasickness, the bottom center cabins would be your best bet as you will not feel as much swaying.

Perhaps walking long distances is a challenge, then you will want to choose your room close to elevators.

A cabin on the upper deck will have you close to the pool and outside sundeck.

An aft balconied cabin will provide you with a relaxing picturesque view, but there may be a drawback or two for this view, but it does not seem to discourage people from getting these desirable locations.  For example, since the balcony is larger and sticking out, people from above can look down at you, and also this room location is not near many activities.

Please share any tips about your cruise ship cabins this is a way of sharing knowledge so everyone has a more enjoyable holiday.