Things to do from your stateroom balcony

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Things to do from your stateroom balcony

Just a footstep outside your cabin is a “members only” tiny retreat. The private balcony ranges from 35 to 1,000 square feet of space. Ship balconies uses to be used to be just for the elite, but due to the demand and public outcry, ships are being built with more balconies and they are available to the masses at a reasonable price. The suites, of course are larger and more luxurious (with padded lounge chairs, a wet bar and possibly a private hot tub). It doesn’t matter how big, or small, your private balcony is because there are few things that you will be able to do there that will enhance your vacation and create special memories.

Sip champagne and enjoy a four course dining experience

Princess Cruise lines offers a dinning package that includes a cocktail, flowers, a 4 course meal that includes lobster tail and/or a filet; champagne and a 8×10 photo. For a third of the price, passengers may also choose a breakfast option that will include pastries, champagne and other options like smokes salmon.

Watch the talented entertainment

The Allure of the Seas and the Oasis offer premium accommodations that have balconies that overlook the amphitheater. Expect to shell out $450 per person, per night for these type exquisite suites.


Two or more people make a party and the master suite at the Regent Seven Seas has a balcony that is over 720 square feet and the Penthouse suite on the Celebrity Millennium is close to 1,100 square feet of space. Not many cruise lines offer official balcony party packages, but you can have cocktails and tasty treats delivered to your room. It is advised to confirm if large parties are allowed, because Norwegian Cruise Lines for instance, frowns upon this type of behavior from passengers.

Sunrise – Sunset

Watch the sunrise wake up as you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee from your private balcony.

Sip a cocktail with your shipmate as you watch the sun set over the horizon

You can be assured that this addictive experience will tantalize all your senses.

Private sail away box

Of course you can “snuggle” your way into a spot by the railing on the public deck top with your fellow passengers, or you can have some elbow room from your private balcony as the ship pulls out of port. It is an added bonus if you know your right (starboard) for the left (port) which will allow you the best view.

Things to do from your stateroom balcony

Star Gaze

One special deck on the Princess Grand class ships has balconies that are opened above for an uninhibited view of the heavens. The drawback of these balconies is that your upstairs neighbors can peer down at you, but in the evening, you can enjoy a clear view of the sky over the sea.

PS: To keep peering eyes from seeing anything private on your opened balcony, packing (or purchasing) a large beach umbrella is advised.


Read in peace and quiet on your private balcony and/or allow your eyelids to grow heavy and relax to the sound of the natural ocean waves and the gentle sea breeze.


Whatever side you are one, smoking is controversial topic. But for smokers that enjoy a smoke first thing in the morning, the cruise lines that still permit this behavior on balconies will definitely get their business.