The Secrets of Single Travel


The Secrets of Single Travel

One of the most important secrets of single travel is to know the careless mistakes that can easily be made and how to avoid them.  The slight disadvantage to traveling alone is that you don’t have a “wingman”, someone to watch your back, a second set of eyes to help you navigate through an unfamiliar area.  This is usually not an issue to be concerned with, as long as you avoid some basic mistakes that a single traveler should avoid.

  1. This one may be obvious, but avoid leaving a public area with a stranger or new acquaintance, no matter how charming they may appear.  A public forum is a much safer place to be because there are other people around and your protection factor increases.

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  3. Even familiar places can appear different in the evening hours, so as a single traveler we highly recommend you arrive at a new location during the daylight hours.  This gives you the opportunity to view your accommodations and surroundings and if you are not 100% pleased, you still have the time to change a place to stay without wandering into an unfamiliar area under the cover of night.
  4. Too much luggage is a sure sign that you are a novice traveler and that can make you a target for thieves.  Besides the fact that excess luggage will be more costly (with airlines charging more for extra bags and also the extra gratuities you need to dish out for bellboys to assist you), it is a hassle and as previously mentioned – not the safest choice.  To give yourself more ease in moving around and freedom while traveling, take with you only a “carry-on” bag or a large size backpack.
  5. You might be thinking that travel insurance is a waste of money, but I assure you that it is money well spent.  There are many different options available, so review them carefully and choose something that best fits your needs.  Travel insurance in most cases, will cover personal belongings, medical emergencies, and cancellations.  This type of insurance is your back-up plan and good advice for the single traveler; it will keep your experience less stressful if something “inconvenient” happens while you are traveling.
  6. Bank machines/ATM’s are all over the world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will accept YOUR bank card.  I would suggest traveling with one reliable credit card and travelers checks.  Avoid getting a “cash advance” on your credit card, because the interest rate charged can be huge.
  7. We are never really alone, with the technology of cell phones and computers.  Keep a cell phone with you at all times and have all your emergency contact numbers programmed.  Also, carry with you, a written document of where you are staying (in the language of your place of destination).  Back home, leave with a responsible and trustworthy person your detailed itinerary.


Now that you are armed with the secrets of single travel, you are ready to embark on your new adventure.  Have fun and enjoy the experience!

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