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Biggest cruise ships coming in 2020 Theme cruises, ships going greener, expeditions and much much more…


Some of the biggest cruise ships coming in 2020  makes me and many others beyond excited when we land lovers get a whiff of new cruise lines who are forever coming up on new ideas to tempt us onboard with more exotic locations, more to offer onboard to keep us all entertained.

For me I am already sold though as I peek behind the curtains and only now can stop speculating on what is coming as it is here now!

Check out what we are excited to report in the way of onboard dining, fun, shore side entertainment and what’s more to come in 2020 cruise trends.

1. Greener Cruise Lines Making Changes to lower environmental impact

With global warming a hot topic and growing awareness about the effects of tourism on local communities and the planet as

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Christmas Cruise Are They Worth The Stress if You Are Single.

Going on a cruise is magical when you go on the right cruise with a good circle of friends OR going it on your own is all about picking the right time.

If you are a family and you need to travel in school holidays NOW is the time to go. Here you will meet other people with children.

Need to book early as there is a child age limit to each of the cruise lines so it’s very important to book and plan ahead. The advantage of this that the kids will be able to join in the kids club and chances are they will have such fun it will be hard to drag them away from their activities.

These cruises are very busy and noisy with the kids full of excitement about Christmas anyway so be sure to book cruises with a Sanctuary where

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Best Cruises for Singles – Pick The One You Want

Cruise for Singles updateSINGLES CRUISES

We need to be totally honest here it really depends on your age bracket you are in to look at the right type of cruise you are wanting to go on.

Below are the cruise lines that sell off single cabins at reasonable rates some are dedicated to luxury cruising it is really what are you after in the way of cruising.



Norwegian Cruise Line
Holland America Line
Crystal Cruises
Azmara Club Cruises
P&O UK Cruises
Costa Cruises
Fred Olsen Cruises


For instance you maybe on a hen’s party cruise and you maybe single but really the cruise will be just a wild party with a group of single people. You may want to just be assured there are lots of bars, dancing and having fun things to do

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Cruises for Singles – Girl to Girl Advice


There is a lot to get excited about going on cruises for singles whether you are going it alone so so empowering to do what you want and when you want to do it to the girl doing a little bit of healing from

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Allure of the Seas – May 2015

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The Allure of the Seas is a cruise ship by Royal Caribbean and it hold 6,296 passengers as well as 2,384 members of the crew.

Starting in May of 2015, this majestic ship will be sailing from Barcelona Spain to major ports in Italy, France and Majorca.

This cruising experience is perfect for individuals who want to brag that they sailed on the largest ship in the entire world in addition to the nonstop nightlife and huge variety of dining and entrainment options.

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Santa Cruise for Solo Traveller


Santa Cruise for Solo TravellerSanta Cruise for Solo Traveller is not all about brooding at home and watching re-runs of movies that you have seen at least half a dozen times before.  It is not all about staying in bed and  sleeping through Christmas day, it is all about getting out and seeing places that you have only dreamed about before.

Read the new article about Christmas Cruise for Solo Travellers and see if it will tempt you into action to book a cruise and have some fun!


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How Does A Cancun Vacation Sound?

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Cancun vacationAround this time of year a Cancun vacation in Mexico fills our mind with warm weather fun with loads of activities to do and the big decider is do you go it alone on a singles cruise or do you surround yourself with family?  Sometimes it is difficult to have quality time with everyone and a cruise is the ideal time to reconnect and relax at the same time.

Read the latest article on a Cancun vacation and flip the coin to see what there is to do and more importantly when are you going!





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Dance Classes for the Dateless

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Dance ClassesHave ever thought about dance classes as a way of getting out and meeting people? Not only is it great exercise and gives you further social graces it is one of the best ways that singles can link up with each other. It really doesn't matter if you have 2 left feet there will be classes to take you through A-Z and you will gradually pick things up.

One of the best things I think is that if you start going to dance classes quiet a few classes have socials too so that you can practice your new moves.

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Cruise Line Marco Polo

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Marco Polo cruisesGiven that there are many large cruise lines that take what is equivalent to small cities aboard their cruises, it is nice to know for those that either want a more intimate cruise with fewer people that you can even hire for a group of your friends perhaps?

Read the article about Marco Polo Cruises who has the intimate cruises with exciting itineraries for you to sample.

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Hawaii Cruises

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Hawaii CruisesMy mind wanders to balmy nights palm trees swaying and cocktails in hand watching the sun go down. I know cruises to Hawaii offers a lot more but that picture to me is pure paradise and it is what would tempt me to take a well earned holiday on board a ship filled with fun and a lot of interesting people. Read the article on what other things to do on board a cruise.

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