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Cruise Cancellation Policy – Read the fine print!


Cruise Cancellation PolicyI have had reason to taken a closer look at the cruise cancellation policy as we are planning a family Christmas cruise.

At this stage we are just kicking ideas and itineraries around and if you can think that we will be travelling in a large group of 15 people there is definitely a lot of input coming from every direction.

Not only am I trying to take everyone’s wish list into consideration I have another reason to look further into the cruise cancellation policy is that I have a terminally ill family member wanting to come on the cruise.
 Why to look closer at cruise cancellation policy
 At this stage I have not booked anything as looking at the cancellation policy of most of the cruise ships they are very inflexible and require over 100 + days notice to get some

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Up For Fun? Disney Cruise Vacation


Disney Cruise VacationDisney Cruise Vacation is the way to go to get in touch with the inner child. The cruise let's adults be kids in a fun way and it is so easy to meet others on board as all that travel on the cruise ship are already in a fun mood. They have left quiet and somber personality at home and are ready to meet others. If you think that these cruises are just for kids you are very much mistaken. There are designated adult areas and where else do singles go?

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Vacation Discounts For Military

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military vacation discountsWe all like discounts but I think all agree that our armed forces that are returning from a tour of duty should get military vacation discounts offered as a way to wind down and get to spend quality time with their families on a well deserved holiday. Read further information on this site.

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Baltimore Cruises Leaving Now

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cruises from BaltimoreOne of the first things I look at before I get excited about going on a cruise is where does it leave from. It helps keep costs down knowing that for instance if I live in Baltimore I can basically look at all the cruises from Baltimore. This cuts down the stress of having to travel further to take the cruise you have been eyeing off.

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Discount Travel Deals to Caribbean

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Discount Travel Deals to CaribbeanThere is not one person that I know that doesn't love a bargain, and at this time of year when there are signs up offering different types of discount to far away places there is no sign that gets me excited as Caribbean Travel Deals. All I can think of is party times with lots of fun. And one of the best parts is it has never been as cheap as it is today.

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