Sydney Harbour Cruise for Singles & Couples


Sydney Harbour Cruise for Singles & Couples

I have personally been on a Sydney Harbour Cruise a number of times; there is nothing more spectacular to impress guests visiting Sydney than to take them on a cruise of one of the most beautiful harbours in the world.

The cruise can be done a number of ways like for a special event like a family gathering, Christmas parties or a wedding like I went on recently where guests sipped champagne as we sailed around the harbour waving to sail boats that tried to keep up with us as we cruised along.

As a lovely backdrop the captain stopped the boat directly under the Sydney Harbour Bridge while the couple exchanged their vows to the hip hip hooray of the bridge climbers who stopped their climb to watch the ceremony.

Sydney Harbour Cruise – What is there to do?

A dinner cruise is done in fine style that is very popular with corporate workers, a group of single friends or couples.  The boat picked up other diners along the way from Darling Harbour, King Street Wharf, Star City Casino, and Cabarita Wharf and I found these types of cruises relaxing as you automatically start talking to other diners where you probably wouldn’t do so if you met under different circumstances.

Sydney Harbour Cruise On the cruise we went on there was a jazz band that had people up and dancing and I was making my way back to my chair when I was tapped on the shoulder and asked for yet another dance.  With dancing all night I soon burnt off my delicious seafood dinner (there are a lot of other meals other than seafood) but I loved the fact that you can indulge yourself in gourmet food and vintage wines while enjoying spectacular views of Sydney city at the same time.

I liked the idea that cruise boats can also be anchored on certain spots if you want to do some Christmas shopping at the finest malls of Sydney.

One event not to be missed if you want to see the New Year in while in Sydney you can see a ton of people on the foreshores surrounding the bridge or on the bridge itself hours before the New Year is count down.  You will need to get in very early as the boats book out months in advance.

Sydney Harbour Cruise, Zoo, Bondi, Manly and more.

Sydney Harbour CruiseAs the cruises are only for dinner you might get the taste of cruising and there are many other ways that you can see Sydney by boat.  Spend the day and get the ferry across to Taronga Park Zoo or if that is a little slow could get onto the hydrofoil to zoom you across to the zoo in half the time.

Go on a ferry to Manly and spend the day at one of the best-known beaches in the world.  Walk the promenade and see the markets set up and just wander around from stall to stall.

You can also get a ferry to Bondi one of the most photographed and talked about beaches known worldwide.  Eat at one of the many café’s that is on Campbell Parade.  Head back by ferry and make plans to eat a meal while looking at the lights of the harbour come to life when the sun goes down.

For any single person these are the type of cruises you need to meet other like-minded people one where people are a little relaxed, quiet enough to have a talk to someone without having to scream at them to be heard over the loud band or music.

Just remember don’t just sit there go over to have a chat or better still if the music is good go and have a dance.  Lastly, the thing you need to remember when on a Sydney Harbour Cruise just have fun.



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