Stay healthy and well during your cruise vacation


stay healthy during your cruise vacation

It is possible to become ill on vacation and nobody wants that, so below we have outlines a few easy tips on how to stay healthy during your cruise vacation. Of course, sometimes illness are unavoidable, but the risk can be reduced by staying hydrated, easing feelings of seasickness, jet lag and hangovers, so you can enjoy your cruising experience totally healthy and happy.

Wash your hands thoroughly and often as this is the best way to avoid the Norovirus and other types of illness. This simple trick will kill any potential germs before they get a chance to get you ill. Hand sanitizer are a great addition to keeping you healthy, but remember it is not a replacement for washing with soap and water.

Drinking water is a great way to stay hydrated and healthy, especially on hot days.   Gatorade or a drink that contains electrolytes are also a great alternative. Alcoholic beverages are known to dehydrate so it is encouraged to have a tall glass of water between cocktails.

Also, be aware that drinking local water may cause illness, so always drink beverages that are in sealed bottles, especially in Egypt and Mexican ports.

Fight jet lag can really mess up your time clock and if you don’t properly treat this, it is possible to miss out on some great cruising activities because you are sleeping. It is recommended to arrive at port a day or two prior to sailing so you can get proper rest before the cruise ship begins a great adventure. Also try to avoid napping during the day so your body can adjust to the new time. Getting plenty of natural sunlight will also help with jet lag.

Apply sunscreen generously and often, as a person can easily get sunburned by engaging in water sports or just lounging by the pool. It may be inconvenient to reapply a skin protecting lotion, but a skin burn is very painful and a definite inconvenience to your vacation.

It is important to pace yourself at the buffet table, because it is very easy to eat yourself into a sickness with all the culinary treats offered on a cruise ship. Huge portions of rich foods day after day will have even an ironclad stomach start to turn. The potential to feel sluggish, queasy and bloated are likely and these are not comfortable. We are not suggesting that you don’t indulge once in a while, but there is no reason to go back for seconds and thirds. Besides you want to fit into the same clothes that you brought with you, when you leave the ship.

Utilize the staircase or add some sort of other exercise routine into your vacation days. Keeping the heart active and stepping away from the buffet table are healthy choices.

Limit alcohol consumption is another way to stay healthy on vacation. Drinking until you pass out on a pool side lounge is never healthy. Getting drunk will not only come with a painful hangover, but it will inhibit your sense of well-being and perhaps cause a physical confrontation, and allow your sense of dignity to be compromised. It is wise to designate someone to stay sober during celebrations to keep a watchful eye on everyone’s safety and never having to hear “man overboard”.