Singles Cruises over 40


Singles Cruises over 40

Welcome to our website singles cruises over 40. Here you will be able to find suppliers of all types of holidays for single cruises over 40 so you can go away with girlfriends, boyfriends or just on your own to have the time of your life. With the wide variety of choices in cruise lines cruises for singles 40 and above, you will be sipping champagne at the back of the boat before you know it.

The trouble is now a days that a lot of my friends and I would just like to take short cruises and trips that are geared for older, mature singles. The fact that I have stated older doesn’t mean old old. In your mid 40’s is mature but certainly not old by any means, and we certainly don’t want to be stuck on a cruise with a bunch of kids or senior citizens. You wouldn’t think this would be a big ask but would really prefer a clientele composed of our own age group. As we live in lively cities we all love to party, dance, drink, swim and soak up the sun’s rays, win a few sports thrown in. But after talking with my friends is that we are all 100% certain to not doing a cruise with either kids or senior citizens. We’ve researched only a few  cruises for singles over 40 and found their pictorials very disappointing in that the clientele may be single, but obviously too young or too old.


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P&O Cruises Azura will debut in April 2010 with dedicated single cabins, now this is a first for the U.K.-based line. There is also another ship Norwegian Epic, the massive NCL new build set to launch in June 2010. This ship will definitely corner the singles market as the ship will feature a 128 cabins designed to attract the solo travelers. The studio cabins are 100 square ft accommodations with a full size bed and separate areas for the bathroom and shower. These spoil passengers have their own exclusive, shared social space called the Studios Lounge, featuring a bar, two large TV screens, and a concierge for booking dinner reservations and shore excursions. All  of the studio cabins will be priced for single occupancy and there is no single supplement.

Royal Carribean Cruises seem to offer endless solutions for singles over 40 years of age and were very helpful when I rang them the other day.  What I liked is that if you are single and going on your own on a cruise they will happily assist you to find the perfect cruise vacation for singles. Along with being able to assist further in finding someone to share the accommodation without having to pay the additional single supplement.  It seems that they will be able to match same sex roommate, similar age at no extra cost.

Carnival Cruise Line is another cruise ship that caters to the single over 40s cruisers.  Based on recent customer feedback this cruise liner seems to get all the ticks from travellers that have taken the single cruise supplement.  For those that are a little shy there is also an energetic hostess available who is there to be the mixer and to do those awkward introductions.  She is there to keep the conversation going and to make sure you have a good time.  This cruise ship is totally got it together as they also offer group excursions, single mingle dining.  There is also the service of them able to assist in finding you a same sex roommate if required.

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