Singles Cruises From Australia

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Going on one of the many Singles Cruises from Australia gives you the chance to visit some of Australia’s best cities, wildlife parks, and discover the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, all on the same cruise without having to pack and unpack your bags just sit back and relax and do as little or as much as you want on-board.

The options are endless as you can cruise to a number of locations in close proximity to Australia to enable you experience the Pacific Ocean as far as Hawaii, Samoa and Fiji, depending on the cruise you choose and the length of time you want to be away.

Where do Singles Cruises from Australia go?

Although majority of cruises are 12 to 14 days, some can go up to 70 days or you can cruise one-way any fly the other leg. Singles Cruises from Australia depart from Sydney, Auckland, or Brisbane.

If you wish to experience a cruise before going on a longer journey why not consider the following options which would give you a taste of what cruising is all about.  Some of the places you may want to try first can include:

  • Singles Cruises From Australia Great Barrier Reef Cruises where you can either choose to go from Cairns or Hamilton Island to go on a day cruise from your island accommodation and spend the day snorkeling and diving before heading back to your accommodation after a full day on the water.  Or you sail from any capital city and discover Australia’s extradinarily beautiful and rugged coastline as you make your way towards the Great Barrier Reef which is one of the wonders of the world and remains today the largest marine park in Australia.
  • Whitsunday Cruises is exciting for the would be sailor as you can hire a sailboat and crew and set off on your own and sail away with a few friends and discover little coves to anchor during the day and explore beaches and islands that are scattered around.
  • Go to sleep with the water lapping at the side of the sail boat.  Again you can go as a passenger on a cruise ship and enjoy not doing a thing but to fish and swim in crystal clear warm waters and swim in the open ocean aquarium where you can nearly touch the tropical fish as they swim by.
  • Sydney Harbor Cruises are great way to meet people that are relaxed warm and friendly as you chat to others onboard and sip on a glass of Champaign perhaps while you sail past the many Sydney icons and know why Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful harbours in the world.
  • Murray River Cruises allow you to be the captain and either take that special someone or a group of friends and sail up and down the river stopping where you want.This option also has larger boats that will allow you to sit back and take it easy and drink in and get the best view of the Murray River and experience tales of the indigenous culture by the tour leader.
  • Top End Australia Cruises for those who want an unforgettable experience sailing through the Great Barrier Reef, Arnhem Land, Cape York Peninsula and the Coburg Peninsula.

Singles Cruises From Australia Some of the newest ships coming to Sydney include Pacific Jewel, Pacific Dawn, Pacific Pearl and Pacific Sun and now Radiance of the Sea.  Sydney Harbour recently hosted a spectacular royal rendezvous which featured the luxury ocean liners Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Elizabeth. This was a real site to behold that stopped the city, there were traffic jams along with large number of people lined the harbor to get a view of the Cunard ships.

The various cruises available in and from Australia are suitable for all people including both the experienced cruisers and those on their first cruise. This is mainly because there is a lot to see than just the ocean and its water, such as the magnificent coastline and the shore excursions that offer cultural activities and exchanges.

All of the cruise liners have wonderful selection of restaurants on board with bars, casinos and shops galore.   There is buffet dining that is included in the cost of your passage and there are also specialty restaurants for a small extra cost.

There are cruises that cater solely for singles or other cruises that have a number of singles aboard.  You will need to inquire at the time of booking does that particular cruises cater for singles.  Also avoid school holiday times as there will be more children on the cruise.

Singles Cruises from Australia – Info

Don’t worry if you think that you will get seasick as the cruise ships are large they have bigger stabilizers giving you smooth sailing even in the roughest weather.  The best idea is to book a cabin lower in the ship around mid ship as this has the least amount of movement.

Should you still feel ill there is a fully operational mini hospital onboard along with doctors and nurses who can prescribe medication that will have you feeling better in no time at all.

Hopefully you now have enough information to put a date aside to go on one of the many singles cruises from Australia very soon!




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