Single Travel Adventures


Single Travel Adventures

There was a time, not so long ago, that single travel adventures were difficult to find.  It is no secret that some single travelers had a challenging time feeling comfortable on tours, with strangers, going off to faraway lands.  They were charged an extra fee, just for being single or you were forced to share a room with someone not even close to compatible (such as sleeping habits, smoking, or other habits that you might find intolerable). Instead of having a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience, you, as a solo travelerwould feel jilted by the quality of service and a lack of experience that was being offered to you.

Single Travel Adventures Currently, single travelers are on the rise and it is predicted to be that 30% of all travelers before the year 2020 will be single.  These statistics are being recognized and the travel industry is making services available to cater to the single traveler.  You should never feel unsafe or like a second class citizen just because you are a single traveler.

Available are long weekends, packed with exciting adventures and many opportunities to be social in a safe environment.

No longer are you randomly thrown together with a roommate, now there are “roommate matching services” available and FREE.  There is no extra fee to find a roommate that is within your age range; same sex and same smoking preference.

You can easily locate small, guided tours specifically for the single person between the age of 18 and 35.  There are also destination offered to the more mature crowd and discount group rates can be found if you decide to travel with a few of your single friends.

Single Travel Adventures Many people have a love for a specific sport or activity and the great thing about traveling solo is that you can find friends that are like-minded and enjoy an adventure that you have in common.  Things like camping, skiing, hiking, biking, and so much more are available.

Cruise lines have found that “single cruises” are gaining popularity and offer discounts for groups.  They offer mixers and cocktail parties for an opportunity to meet and greet your fellow travelers.  A great feature that some cruise lines are implementing is the ability to chat, via the internet, with the other singles that will be joining you on the cruise and provides you the opportunity to get to know your new friends before you even leave port.

You can find anything that interests you and meet new friends on your single travel adventures.


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