Single Cruise – What You Need To Know


I have done a number of cruises and they are a whole lot of fun, I have done them on my own and with family and friends so I feel I am qualified enough to talk about them to you.

Recently did sample cruise with a friend and I loved it. Its all in the time you go if you want to sail the high seas in holiday period be prepared for a lot of families, kids and elderly. I have not got anything against them as long as you know that the ship will be a little noisier than usual your saving grace is the oasis where there is the adults only area of the ship.

Plenty of lounges and day beds to read and or grab a swim and spa. Talking of the spa I have met people in the spa and had nice chats with them and then you see them on the ship and bingo you have a connection.

Do not book a cruise without knowing that it has a place to get away from the kids you will go insane especially in the holiday season.

Seriously, many people do not go on cruises to find the love of their life if its meant to be it will happen but don’t pin your high hopes on finding “the one!”


Strut your stuff though on a cruise you can be as visible or invisible as you want to be to be seen and meet others look at the “singles meet ups” We went to one and it was like one of those awkward moments where you are all rounded up and everyone knows your single and no one was making a move.

After eyeing off the other singles from across the room and they checking us out we got up the nerve and walked over and started chatting to them. We all went to the show together and then out afterwards to the pub. Good night was had by all.

Put yourself out there though there are art auctions and if anything you get a glass of bubbly to watch the art being exhibited. Join in other activities on board where you don’t need a partner. Wine tastings and lunch meet ups are a good way to also have the chance to chat.

Loved the pub on board the ship had a gathering of people there and the atmosphere was great as the piano player played all songs form 70s and 80s that had people singing along.

There were groups of travel agents there I found this fun to see them all branded wearing the same tee shirts which made for good conversation when you meet them different areas of the ship.

Also I found a lot of people that were married but acting single and were there just to find a fling!

Found going to the ship adult area around sunset you get to meet many people with a glass in hand watching the sunset its easy then to talk of your day and ask them about theirs kicks off the chat – if they are not your sort of people excuse yourself to get a drink and don’t go back!


Before you go join in forums and meet those online that will be on your cruise. This is a far easier way to meet people and break the ice before stepping on board your ship

You will find pockets of singles on board all traveling together having a good time, at the end of the day its what you make of it yourself.

Again, you may want to go under the radar read a book and do a few shore tours and have a relaxing holiday. Enjoy!