Ships in Sydney Harbour increase by 600%

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Ships in Sydney Harbour

Thought my ears were playing tricks when I heard on the news tonight that Ships in Sydney Harbour increased by 600% in a 12 month period!  That is just plan awesome growth.

Can you believe the number of ships in Sydney Harbour?

In February alone there is expected 32 cruise ships.  That is one for every day of the year.  It seems Australians have embraced cruising as a way to leave your blues behind and sail out to sea to somewhere that is tropical.  Young families like all the activities to keep the kids amused while they have serious adult time.

Besides the kids have an awesome time meeting other kids and the games and activities have them wanting to go back everyday.
Parents like the fact that they only unpack once and that is that.  They enjoy their kid free time learning a sport or a spot of dancing.  Or they can take full advantage of the gym, stretching classes or learning through all of the lectures that are given on a range of health subjects.

All ships in Sydney Harbour especially large cruise ships – has everything on board.

For me it is the chance to totally spoil myself in massages, spas and other little luxuries that you don’t seem to have the time for on land.

I like the fact if you are not real sure about this cruise thing is that you can get a chance to go on a sample cruise of only a few days..just to give you a taste.  For the people who want to sail the coast of Australia there are plenty cruises that go all the way around or just do the coast.

Personally, I went on a cruise at Christmas time up to Cairns stopping in Brisbane, Airlie Beach and Cairns.  On the way back stopping at Newcastle.  The reception that we got there was overwhelming as people lined the shores to watch our ship dock.  In the evening people had children or had bbq and toasted us as the ship sailed past and out to the heads.

For us on board we were watching those on land with champagne glasses full laughing and talking about the awesome day we had at Newcastle.

Cruising for me is the only way to see places you have only dreamed off and not have to unpack until it is time to get back off.
I can really see how ships in Sydney Harbour increase by 600% I am one of those people that were on one of the luxury ships that came to Sydney.