Senior Travel|Cheap Travel Tips


Senior Travel|Cheap Travel Tips

Grey nomads, Baby Boomers or Seniors I am talking about the people in the age bracket of 50-80 years young who love to travel and have got the travel bug.  If you were to corner anyone of these worldly travelers they can prattle off the places that they have visited or cruises they are planning to travel to when they get back from the last holiday of course.

They are happiest when they are packing up their suitcases and would do more travel if given the opportunity.  What is amazing though is not only the pace that they keep but also their enthusiasm for their love of travel and as they are retired or semi retired they manage to get the best deals on anything connected with travel.  How is this so and what do you need to do to get senior travel and the best of everything at a fraction of the cost?

Here are some of the tips for cheaper travel:

  • At money exchange what is not known is that when you say that you’re a senior you will get a cheaper rate than what is shown on the board.
  • When you are staying in a place longer than a week check to see if you are better off renting a house rather than staying at a hotel.
  • If you are revisiting a hotel again mention this also that you are a repeat visitor and this will give you a bigger savings
  • Be flexible with your travel dates, many travel agents offer great discounts but with small windows of opportunity to travel.  If you can travel only given two weeks notice you will save a bundle.
  • Transfers from the airport to accommodation can be costly, use public transport, which is cheaper.
  • Visit destinations not on the tourist track for example stay at Abruzzo instead of Tuscany or Burgundy rather than Provence prices for food, accommodation and tours will be cheaper as they have not got the inflated costs added by demand.
  • If you gather a few of your friends up who are interested in traveling to a certain place this has real savings power.

Just remember to take travel insurance and read the fine print wherever you are traveling, and remember to always ask for a discount you will be pleasantly surprised!

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