Santa Cruise for Solo Traveller


Santa Cruise for Solo Traveller

Santa Cruise for Solo Traveller is not all about brooding at home and watching re-runs of movies that you have seen at least half a dozen times before.  It is not all about staying in bed and  sleeping through Christmas day, it is all about getting out and seeing places that you have only dreamed about before.

Read the new article about Christmas Cruise for Solo Travellers and see if it will tempt you into action to book a cruise and have some fun!


2 comments to Santa Cruise for Solo Traveller

  • How are the prices for single booking for cruises?

    I would like to travel alone to Italy,

    Thank you for your fast reply

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  • success_13 says:

    Hi Cynthia there are many variables such as the time of year that you are going obviously in peak times you pay top dollar. If you are planning to travel with the same cruise line you are always rewarded as a loyalty passenger and given a better discount, dollars to be spent on board or even an upgrade.
    I would suggest to cut travel costs by sharing with another passenger or ask if there is a single supplement that is discounted.

    Hopefully these suggestions are of benefit.


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