Royal Caribbean Jobs

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Royal Caribbean JobsRoyal Caribbean jobs on cruise ships are a dream come true for many people looking to switch, or advance, in their careers.  The company often states that there are many exciting job opportunities with them and the cruise line is very popular and well known, so they can make an excellent choice if you are job hunting.  For most cruise lines, there are lots of opportunities in offices on shore or on the ships themselves, and the latter have many categories for these types of service industry positions.

The company, Royal Caribbean, base their HQ in Miami, Florida.  Their IT division is headquartered in Miramar, Florida and pro sales managers are scattered across the US and in Canada.  High tech call centers are placed in Miami and Wichita, which is in Kansas.  Company advertising states  that your vacation begins with great employees, and they truly believe that motto.  The company owns over twenty ships, which sail to five continents and they all have different ways of showing their vacationers a variety of adventures and sights.

Royal Caribbean Jobs – How to apply

Royal Caribbean JobsThe fleet contains the largest passenger cruise ships on earth and many of them feature novel and unusual ways to stay active and have fun.  Royal Caribbean has surfing and even ice skating on some of their vessels.  Compensation packages for each job are amongst the best in the industry.  The company is welcoming applications right now so it’s a great time to get an even greater job.  Applying at Royal Caribbean for a career opportunity will save you time, because you can go to the best, first.

When you work with this company you get exotic travel, a wonderful group of coworkers, and recognition and support from staff.  You can grow your career upwards, as have 40,000 other people.  There are many ways to contact Royal Caribbean to see what jobs they have.  Using their website gives you a good overview of what to look for and where you may be stationed.  All you need to do is email them and send a resume and let them know which country you live in.

Both Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean Intl. are EOE and your employment can be subject to a physical exam, criminal background check, references check, and drug testing.  Everyone knows what great food cruise ships have, and Royal Caribbean has some of the best chefs in the world.  After a wonderful day on shore at a port of call, or an exciting adventure on board, passengers can refresh themselves with an excellent meal, then relax by watching a live show.  If you are helping people feel comfortable and happy, then getting one of the available Royal Caribbean jobs is the best feeling in the world!


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