Riverboat Cruising

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Riverboat Cruising

Cruising on a riverboat is certainly a wonderful experience, and yet it remains a mystery to many people. Today, we will provide you with some valuable facts regarding Riverboat Cruising.

When cruising, Americans are familiar with large ships, but a riverboat is considered a “boat” (a small enough vessel to be carried upon a ship). Simply, remember that a vessel specifically build for cruising rivers and lakes are referred to as boats. If you forget this little tidbit of information, don’t worry, it is just a “fun fact” that can be used as a conversation starter while enjoying drinks on the deck.

Another great fact (and unlike large cruise ships) is that riverboats calculate distance via regular miles (not nautical miles).

Once on a riverboat, you will find a master captain and pilot (who also holds a captain’s license).

One of the major differences, that you will notice right away, is the fact that riverboats will encounter much more traffic on narrow rivers, than large passenger cruise ships that sail on the open ocean. So much so, that you will be able to wave and be seen by deckhands on a passing barge.

Weather is a major consideration regarding the itinerary of a riverboat cruise, so a flexible attitude may be required to go with the flow (sort of speaking).

The benefit of a riverboat cruising experience, is the fact that even in undesirable weather, motion sickness is not an issue, because you will never have to deal with a side to side rocking motion that is common among ocean liners.

Add together the excellent service, delicious food choices, and the social clientele that share a love for quaint cities – it is no wonder that riverboat cruises have one of the highest repeat customers in the industry.

When you jump on a riverboat cruise, it may be just to find out what all the hoopla is about – but don’t be surprised, if you find yourself booking your next riverboat cruise before the end of your first experience.