Princess Cruise Line celebrates 50th anniversary


Princess Cruise Line celebrates 50th anniversary

Princess Cruise Line celebrates 50th anniversary  – Come join in the fun

Princess Cruise Lines first launched in 1965 and their one ship (the Princess Patricia) made a maiden journey to Mexico. Now, 50 years later, the cruise has steadily grown to be the third largest passenger cruise line in the entire world.

They are known to take travelers to fascinating and amazing ports around the world. In addition to some new destinations, like Loreto and La Paz, you will be able to experience the same itinerary that the first cruise ship of this line experienced – Manzanilllo, Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta.

Throughout the entire year, guests that board one the Princess cruise ships will be greeted with some amazing gifts, entertainment and special activities that surround this golden anniversary celebration. The following is just a sampling of what guests can look forward to when they sail on a Princess Cruise ship during their 50th anniversary year:

Love Boat Disco Deck Party – In honor of the way that the Princess cruise lines played a vital role in the iconic television show The Love Boat, there will be a 70’s themed party, with a sing a long, trivia, video messages from the original cast of the Love Boat, dancing under the stars and a few additional surprises that will be kept a secret for now.

Festive Food – one night on each cruise will be set aside for a special menu that will feature a famous dish from the last 50 years. Filet of Turbot with Truffle Chive Sauce and Duck Terrine with apricots are just a couple to mention.

Chocolate Journeys – Norman Love, a chocolatier and a famous pastry chef, will be making special desserts that will be served to guests that travel on the Princess cruise lines during the year of 2015.  How does a Moist chocolate Dome with chocolate mousse sound?  Or perhaps a chocolate raspberry mouse with a side of crème brulee? These special desserts will be alternated between voyages, but they both sound great – don’t you agree?  Really I am a sweet tooth this would just be like paradise to me.

Cheers to 50 Years – Spike Marchant is going to mix you up a cocktail that had been famous over the last 50 years. In addition, you will be offered a special anniversary bottle of Prosecco and a special beer created just for this golden anniversary celebration.

50th Anniversary Décor, Guest Giveaways and special entertainment – each guest will find a tote bag in their stateroom to commemorate the 50th anniversary celebration. Each stateroom key will have a special anniversary logo displayed and each ship will have a beautiful 50th anniversary flag on their bow. Also guests will be able to enjoy a little of the company’s history via private video in their rooms. The Piazza will have a balloon drop and some of the balloons will have great giveaways inside.

Commemorative Keepsakes – during the 50th anniversary year, the boutiques onboard the Princess cruise line ships will be offering exclusive merchandise to guests. Also, the photo department will have special backdrops to remind guests as Princess Cruise Line celebrates 50th anniversary just how very special a cruise line that this is!