P&O Cancels Egyptian Port Call Over Fears of Unrest

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P&O Cancels Egyptian Port Call Over Fears of Unrest

The headline read “P&O Cancels Egyptian Port Call Over Fears of Unrest” And i couldn’t be happier, not for the unrest obviously in Egypt but to know that a cruise line puts the safety of it’s passengers before profit!

Too often companies throughout history have put the safety of people at risk and this has sometimes resulted in illness, sickness or even death.  At times it wasn’t for years later that an investigation would reveal that a company was at fault.

I just wonder if the possibility of litigation is the main driver of this action?  The story is interesting all the same and here is how Adam Coulter reported this story in part…

P&O Cancels Egyptian Port Call Over Fears of Unrest – what happened?

“P&O Cruises has cancelled a stop in Egypt’s Port Said on Oceana’s current Eastern Mediterranean cruise, opting instead to spend two days in Alexandria.

The cancellation comes just a few weeks after P&O cancelled Ashdod in Israel due to “security issues.” The line took the decision to swap Port Said (for Cairo) for the quieter Mediterranean port of Alexandria, where the ship is currently berthed, to avoid being in Egypt on a Friday. Generally, unrest has typically taken place after morning prayers on a Friday.

Despite security concerns, all tours to Cairo have gone ahead as planned — including an overnight tour in the capital city — without incident.

Why did P&O Cancels Egyptian Port Call Over Fears of Unrest?

A spokeswoman for P&O said: “Port Said was cancelled following assessment of the current disorder in that particular city.

“Alexandria does not currently have these levels of disorder, hence we are content for our ships to visit there. The excursions we are currently running to Cairo have been risk-assessed at the highest level and avoid Tahrir Square.

“In summary, Port Said has been cancelled due to specific issues in that City.”

I just wonder what the specific issues are that they mention in the City?  I have not heard of anything that is “specific”  Even so Adam states that other cruise liners have also pulled the plug so to speak and either not go on that particular part of the itinerary or cut the problematic cities off the agenda all together.

Here are just a few that have trimmed back the itineraries….

A number of lines have been forced to alter or cancel itineraries to Egypt in recent months, including Regent Seven Seas, which changed an itinerary in November; and Norwegian Cruise Line which cancelled all calls in Egypt for this season.

Just asking the question would you be upset with the decision of the cruise line to cut short your holiday and miss certain port or would you be glad that shipping line had your best interest at heart?

You should be really aware that there will be some people that will be certainly miffed while others will applaud the actions…What are your thoughts about P&O Cancels Egyptian Port Call Over Fears of Unrest???