Cruises for Singles


Cruises for SinglesWelcome to our website Cruises for Singles. Here you will be able to feel right at home as I am about to talk to you like an old friend of my own experiences on cruises for singles. I am not a travel agent but I love to travel, being single is something I am not real good at right now but I am working on it.

Being a workaholic doesn't give a person anytime to be on their own but you know when the world closes in on you it is good to get away on your own and collect your thoughts. That is when I decided to leave my comfort zone and go on a cruise for singles. At the time I was a little nervous but I need not of worried as I was made to feel comfortable from the time that I boarded. With no sense of direction I went on a walk to explore the ship and got lost a few times

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Mini Cruises for Singles, Short Trip Cruise


mini cruisesMini Cruises for Singles, Short Trip Cruise
Welcome to our site. Cruises for singles is inviting for anyone that has not travelled by ship before as you will be around other like minded people who are just want to travel and at times people might be going away for the first time on their own in their new status as “single”. Be prepared for the knockers though that will say why do you want to go away on your own you will be bored.

Or you will get the doom and gloom people who want to give you all the worst possible things that can go wrong when you go cruising. The friends are well meaning I am sure but really if this experience of sailing is not from the friend 1st hand then it is only a Chinese whisper you’re getting.

If the stories are worrying you still, can I

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Cruises for Singles, Cruise Holiday for over 50 and Seniors


Cruises for SinglesCruising for singles was once thought to be something enjoyed amongst the younger set but in today’s modern world that’s just not the case any longer. Cruise lines everywhere are stepping up and answering the call of more senior singles everywhere – and believe me, there are a lot more than you think! In fact, a recent study showed that the over forty set make up a big chunk of the unmarried sector in the world.

So if you have been thinking of taking a cruise but just aren’t sure that you’ll “fit in”- take heart .  you are right at home. You don’t have to worry about being the only forty-something or even sixty-something on the ship.

I guarantee you – you are in good company! Best of all, you won’t have to worry about stepping aboard a ship that won’t fit your style

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