7 Year Old Cold Case Cruise Ship Murder Ends in Arrest In Florida

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7 Year Old Cold Case Cruise Ship Murder Ends in Arrest In FloridaIsn't it amazing to think that a 7 Year Old Cold Case Cruise Ship Murder Ends in Arrest In Florida?  Forensic science is fantastic to think how people that came to their grisly end somehow thinking that these poor individuals have the final say years down the track.

Even rapes and murders can be pinned to someone that has probably thought that they have got away with crime after so many years.  But it is hats off to the detectives that have a small thread of evidence and keep going through what people have called a cold case.

This is why I thought the story intriguing that after this many years and a new life that has been built with a new wife and then to be faced with a murder charge all of the years later.  To see the look on a persons face when they come to the

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P&O Cancels Egyptian Port Call Over Fears of Unrest

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P&O Cancels Egyptian Port Call Over Fears of UnrestThe headline read "P&O Cancels Egyptian Port Call Over Fears of Unrest" And i couldn't be happier, not for the unrest obviously in Egypt but to know that a cruise line puts the safety of it's passengers before profit!

Too often companies throughout history have put the safety of people at risk and this has sometimes resulted in illness, sickness or even death.  At times it wasn't for years later that an investigation would reveal that a company was at fault.

I just wonder if the possibility of litigation is the main driver of this action?  The story is interesting all the same and here is how Adam Coulter reported this story in part...
P&O Cancels Egyptian Port Call Over Fears of Unrest - what happened?
"P&O Cruises has cancelled a stop in Egypt's Port

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Disabled Travel – What You Need To Know


disabled travelWhen you first look into disabled travel you can really be put off with the red tape some insurance companies make you jump through before they will insure you.  For me it was a real eye opener when I was first trying to organise my nephew who has been a paraplegic for about 10 years since he was 16 years old and has never traveled before as he thought it was all a little too hard.

I have to admit though I first thought this way too when I started to first ask questions on his travel.  Obviously it needed to be "easy" and without drama as this I found can stress a wheelchair bound traveler who doesn't want to stick out like a sore thumb and make a fuss.  This was my nephews words when I first started to look into his travel.
Disabled Travel Tips:

The first thing I

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Investigation Begins For Carnival Triumph Fire

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Investigation Begins For Carnival Triumph FireI read a few days ago the “investigation begins for Carnival Triumph Fire” and automatically thought that this was just part and parcel of investigating the fire to find out just what actually happened.

Reading though the various reports there were only a few passengers with minor injuries but what I found surprising is the lawsuit which has been filed by Cassie Terry.
Does Carnival Triumph have a case to answer for?
In these days of litigating just about anything are these types of cases just seen as a way to make a few dollars?

// Now I could be wrong but I can’t help myself rolling my eyes when I read these types of claims and wonder what you think when you read the story below by Dori Salzman, news editor.  She wrote:

“The same day that most Carnival

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3 Day Sampler Cruise Revives That Lovin Feeling

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3 Day Sampler CruiseOK hands up if you have been on a 3 day sampler cruise…just what I thought hardly anyone but how many times have you thought that one day it will be me sailing away from the harbour and out to the wide open ocean to somewhere warm and tropical.

But I can nearly bet that the special someone that you wanted to go away with has some hesitation as they say that they will get sea sick or I hate the thought of being in that little closed off cabin day in and day out.  And even though you have done your best to try and convince them it has always been met with a negative.  Sound familiar?
How a 3 day sampler cruise got the twinkle in his eye back.
Well I am going to tell you something that will get them excited about going on a cruise and this will cut off all of the

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Do’s and Don’ts for Cruising With a Baby

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do’s and don’ts for cruising with a babyTraveling with infants and little ones can be challenging, but consider some do’s and don’ts for cruising with a baby to make your life easier and more enjoyable.
There are certain things that you want to DO in preparation when you take an infant on your vacation cruise:
- Book early to guarantee your preferred seating (earlier is preferred with little ones).

- Select a cabin with a balcony, so you can relax in the sun while your baby naps.

- Pack an inflatable baby bathtub as most cabins only have shower stalls.

- Definitely fly in the day before your ship leaves port, babies require more time, and this gives you plenty of time to purchase any last minute necessities and plan for the unexpected.

- Some research is recommended for your port of destination,

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Ships in Sydney Harbour increase by 600%

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Ships in Sydney HarbourThought my ears were playing tricks when I heard on the news tonight that Ships in Sydney Harbour increased by 600% in a 12 month period!  That is just plan awesome growth.
Can you believe the number of ships in Sydney Harbour?
In February alone there is expected 32 cruise ships.  That is one for every day of the year.  It seems Australians have embraced cruising as a way to leave your blues behind and sail out to sea to somewhere that is tropical.  Young families like all the activities to keep the kids amused while they have serious adult time.

Besides the kids have an awesome time meeting other kids and the games and activities have them wanting to go back everyday.
Parents like the fact that they only unpack once and that is that.  They enjoy their kid free time

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Things You Don’t Know About Your Cruise Ship Cabins


Things You Don't Know About Your Cruise Ship CabinPersonally, I love cruise ships and all that they offer, especially the cabin space which becomes your little sanctuary away from activities where you can have an afternoon siesta.  I am sure that there are a few things about your cruise ship cabins that you were not aware of, for example, did you know that the walls and doors are magnetic?  Honestly, I didn’t.

It so happens, that even if the walls don’t feel or look like they are metallic or magnetic, they are.
What I learnt from my cruise ship cabins:
Before I talk abut the cruise ship cabins I just want to point out that the cabin boy that looks after all of your whims and keeps your cabin spic and span should always be looked after in the way of a tip early on in your cruise.  This way you are assured to be

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Cruise Cancellation Policy – Read the fine print!


Cruise Cancellation PolicyI have had reason to taken a closer look at the cruise cancellation policy as we are planning a family Christmas cruise.

At this stage we are just kicking ideas and itineraries around and if you can think that we will be travelling in a large group of 15 people there is definitely a lot of input coming from every direction.

Not only am I trying to take everyone’s wish list into consideration I have another reason to look further into the cruise cancellation policy is that I have a terminally ill family member wanting to come on the cruise.
 Why to look closer at cruise cancellation policy
 At this stage I have not booked anything as looking at the cancellation policy of most of the cruise ships they are very inflexible and require over 100 + days notice to get some

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Famous “Baseball Hall of Fame” Manager Dies Onboard Celebrity Silhouette

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People are a little sadder today on hearing the news of the death of baseball hall of fame manager Earl Weaver who passed away early Saturday am while cruising onboard a Baltimore Orioles themed cruise.

The 82 year old Weaver was onboard Celebrity Silhouette when he suffered a heart attack, according to the article on Baltimore Orioles website.
Baseball hall of fame manager - history

Weaver was well known manager in the whole of Orioles history, who chalked up just over 1,480 wins in a career that spanned 17 years.

“The Earl of Baltimore led the O's to four World Series and won one, in 1970. The fiery manager was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1996”.

“Earl Weaver was one of the most colorful personalities and fearless

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