Allure of the Seas – May 2015

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The Allure of the Seas is a cruise ship by Royal Caribbean and it hold 6,296 passengers as well as 2,384 members of the crew.

Starting in May of 2015, this majestic ship will be sailing from Barcelona Spain to major ports in Italy, France and Majorca.

This cruising experience is perfect for individuals who want to brag that they sailed on the largest ship in the entire world in addition to the nonstop nightlife and huge variety of dining and entrainment options.

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Best Ships for Cruisers with Disabilities

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Individuals with disabilities, who wish to take a cruise, think about things that other cruisers may never consider.  Even though all cruise ships should be compliant with ADA (American Disability Act), there is no standard that is set forth for cruise ships.  Thankfully, each individual cruise line wants to make a vacation on the high seas an enjoyable vacation for everyone, and they consider their disabled guests, and try to make accommodations easy and comfortable.

Royal Caribbean offers extra-large staterooms that easily allow for wheelchair mobility.  Other accommodations include: lifts at the pool, lower tables at the casino and wheelchair spaces for the movie theater.

In addition, this cruise line has interpreters for the hearing impaired, and also closed-captioned TV

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Cruise – Free Drinks


Cruise – Free DrinksBig ships are a great place to have a cocktail, or two, as you do not have to worry about driving to your next destination. The problem may arise when it’s time to sign your booze bill. Many cruises strive to create a relaxing atmosphere, and even someone whom only has an adult beverage, “once in a while”, may indulge in a few fancy frozen drinks while they soak up the sun, pool side. The fact that no cash exchanges hands makes it very easy to over indulge.

Today, we have a few tips to enjoy drinks for free, while onboard a luxury cruise liner.

If you are a regular “cruiser”, many ships (including the Holland America) appreciate past customers, and invite them to a special, complimentary champagne brunch. The Royal Caribbean will open the bar for regular repeat customers, as a

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Riverboat Cruising

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Riverboat CruisingCruising on a riverboat is certainly a wonderful experience, and yet it remains a mystery to many people. Today, we will provide you with some valuable facts regarding Riverboat Cruising.

When cruising, Americans are familiar with large ships, but a riverboat is considered a “boat” (a small enough vessel to be carried upon a ship). Simply, remember that a vessel specifically build for cruising rivers and lakes are referred to as boats. If you forget this little tidbit of information, don’t worry, it is just a “fun fact” that can be used as a conversation starter while enjoying drinks on the deck.

Another great fact (and unlike large cruise ships) is that riverboats calculate distance via regular miles (not nautical miles).

Once on a riverboat, you will find a master captain and

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Expedition Cruises: the Good and the Bad


Expedition CruisesIf you are looking for an adventure, such as hiking along shorelines or through a forest to view nature’s beauty in raw it’s form – than Expedition Cruises would be right up your alley.  Allow us to share the pros and cons of Expedition Cruises with you.


DESTINATION: With Expedition Cruises, it is ALL about the destination, and not so much about the sea worthy ship journey that is taking you there.  For the most part, most excursions (and equipment) are included with the Expedition Cruises total price tag.

COMPANIONSHIP: Single travels may be alone, but they will rarely feel lonely on Expedition Cruises.  Since everyone is traveling for the same purpose, there is always something to talk about.  There is no “class” barrier because

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Flight Voucher Bookings Review


Flight Voucher Bookings ReviewI recently had some promotional advertising and was given Flight Voucher Bookings for booking with this agency, all sounded good but the old saying “if it sounds too good to be true it is!”  I thought I would give the travel vouchers a go to give them a test drive myself before gifting them to customers and this is my experience.
Flight Voucher Bookings:
I called the travel agency to make a general inquiry about using the travel vouchers and was told that all contact needs to be by email – no worries I thought and I started to fill out my request for a booking in June and also a further cruise in December.

The flight voucher bookings were already filled in with ship name, cruise number and obviously date and preferred cabin type.  When I addressed the email I

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7 Year Old Cold Case Cruise Ship Murder Ends in Arrest In Florida

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7 Year Old Cold Case Cruise Ship Murder Ends in Arrest In FloridaIsn't it amazing to think that a 7 Year Old Cold Case Cruise Ship Murder Ends in Arrest In Florida?  Forensic science is fantastic to think how people that came to their grisly end somehow thinking that these poor individuals have the final say years down the track.

Even rapes and murders can be pinned to someone that has probably thought that they have got away with crime after so many years.  But it is hats off to the detectives that have a small thread of evidence and keep going through what people have called a cold case.

This is why I thought the story intriguing that after this many years and a new life that has been built with a new wife and then to be faced with a murder charge all of the years later.  To see the look on a persons face when they come to the

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P&O Cancels Egyptian Port Call Over Fears of Unrest

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P&O Cancels Egyptian Port Call Over Fears of UnrestThe headline read "P&O Cancels Egyptian Port Call Over Fears of Unrest" And i couldn't be happier, not for the unrest obviously in Egypt but to know that a cruise line puts the safety of it's passengers before profit!

Too often companies throughout history have put the safety of people at risk and this has sometimes resulted in illness, sickness or even death.  At times it wasn't for years later that an investigation would reveal that a company was at fault.

I just wonder if the possibility of litigation is the main driver of this action?  The story is interesting all the same and here is how Adam Coulter reported this story in part...
P&O Cancels Egyptian Port Call Over Fears of Unrest - what happened?
"P&O Cruises has cancelled a stop in Egypt's Port

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Disabled Travel – What You Need To Know


disabled travelWhen you first look into disabled travel you can really be put off with the red tape some insurance companies make you jump through before they will insure you.  For me it was a real eye opener when I was first trying to organise my nephew who has been a paraplegic for about 10 years since he was 16 years old and has never traveled before as he thought it was all a little too hard.

I have to admit though I first thought this way too when I started to first ask questions on his travel.  Obviously it needed to be "easy" and without drama as this I found can stress a wheelchair bound traveler who doesn't want to stick out like a sore thumb and make a fuss.  This was my nephews words when I first started to look into his travel.
Disabled Travel Tips:

The first thing I

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Investigation Begins For Carnival Triumph Fire

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Investigation Begins For Carnival Triumph FireI read a few days ago the “investigation begins for Carnival Triumph Fire” and automatically thought that this was just part and parcel of investigating the fire to find out just what actually happened.

Reading though the various reports there were only a few passengers with minor injuries but what I found surprising is the lawsuit which has been filed by Cassie Terry.
Does Carnival Triumph have a case to answer for?
In these days of litigating just about anything are these types of cases just seen as a way to make a few dollars?

// Now I could be wrong but I can’t help myself rolling my eyes when I read these types of claims and wonder what you think when you read the story below by Dori Salzman, news editor.  She wrote:

“The same day that most Carnival

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