New Cruise Ships Sailing Your Way

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There is something about new cruise ships that gets us excited to be one of the first to sail on her. Especially when you know how many years that it takes to get new cruise ships sailing into your nearest port.

When you think of what it takes to when it’s in dry dock to when it is getting outfitted to the unveiling it is a number so it’ no wonder we are all excited to see the new luxury ships.

But just look at how quick the new upgrades take with Royal Caribbean face-lifts of some their fleet of ships they go into dry dock and basically 4-6 weeks all done and dusted and then they are back on their runs.

Many of the fleet below are already back in service once again.

Check out the video: Cruise Ships

5 Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships Getting Upgraded in 2019

·     Navigator of the Seas dry dock Jan 2019
·     Empress of the Seas Feb 2019
·     Voyager of the Seas Sep 2019
·     Oasis of the Seas Oct 2019
·     Quantum of the Seas Oct 2019

Let’s look at the line up just about to come your way to set sailing in 2020.

Check our top 5 cruise ships want to book next year.

1. P&O Iona
2. AIDA Nova
3. Spectrum of the Seas
4. Celebrity Edge
5. Carnival Mardi Gras these ships look stunning and we cannot wait to book.
Which one will you end up booking maybe a few the Carnival Mardi Gras looks like a blast that is for sure.

What cruise ship are you looking forward to next year?
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I just wanted you to have a look at the refurbishment of a Silver Seas ship where the ship is literally cut in half and added to the ship all while in dry dock giving the ship a whole new look and of course giving it much much more space.

Check out the video here:

Thank you for watching looking forward to putting up my own experiences of cruise ships that I plan to travel on in the coming year. Can’t wait to share with you!