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Mini Cruises for Singles, Short Trip Cruise
Welcome to our site. Cruises for singles is inviting for anyone that has not travelled by ship before as you will be around other like minded people who are just want to travel and at times people might be going away for the first time on their own in their new status as “single”. Be prepared for the knockers though that will say why do you want to go away on your own you will be bored.

Or you will get the doom and gloom people who want to give you all the worst possible things that can go wrong when you go cruising. The friends are well meaning I am sure but really if this experience of sailing is not from the friend 1st hand then it is only a Chinese whisper you’re getting.

If the stories are worrying you still, can I make a suggestion that you go onto a mini cruises for singles of a trip that would only go for a short trip of say 3 – 7 days? This then would give you fact to go on when and if you do decide to go on a singles trips via a cruise ship.
If you are in Australia you could board in Sydney then head north to Cairns in Queensland and stop at Dunk Island where they would allow you to use the islands facilities for the day or go up to the Great Barrier Reef where you could see whales and their calves playing in the sunshine along the coastline. If you are wanting a more of a party atmosphere for your singles trip; travelling to Melbourne to then go to Melbourne Cup in November is such a whole lot of fun and would be an excellent cruise to go on if you have only got a few days to cruise mini cruises for singles and its very popular so you would be advised to book well in advance.

Overseas there are many more choices of short get away trips for singles that could have you island hop around the Greek Islands, where there is a myriad of ships that sail between the islands daily, where there is no rush to get anywhere as Greeks are so laid back. You might decide to travel from Greece to Rhodes where there is a combination of old culture and new.

Where the new city grew to surround the old and when you go there it is like stepping back in time with cobble stones donkeys and many stalls and bargains to be hold. Or travel to Santorini the beautiful black sands where they rent out day beds by the hour on the beach. And who can forget the awesome sunsets where people come from mile around to sit and wait for the sun to go down.
These are just a few that I have done and enjoyed but there are thousands that are available; why not check them out on line? Truly I can now bet if you go for just one little mini cruise I am convinced that it will be the first of many!

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