Military Vacation Discounts

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Military Vacation Discounts Our entire military service works very hard to protect us, so military vacation discounts are often given out by many different types of vacation and travel companies because they are appreciative of the sacrifices that our troops make every day.   Vacation discounts are a boon to anyone these days, and especially military, as a lot of their earnings go to support their families back at home.

When our troops travel and they can be active duty or retired, military vacation discounts always help to cut down on expenses and keep a little bit more of that military salary in their pockets.  Many different types of businesses offer vacation discounts, as well as other types.  Sometimes, it only takes a query to find out, and most companies will advertise these types of discounts.  Discounts can be set beforehand or be a percentage off the total bill at that particular company or establishment which is offering the discount.

Military Vacation Discounts – Galore

Military Vacation DiscountsThere are many websites that showcase what discounts are available, so starting there is a great  way to locate vacation discounts.  Some sites list resorts that offer military discounts, and this amount can vary according to how far away the resort is, or how long the stay will be.  Some sites list the particular resorts which offer discounts, and these can include Disneyworld, MGM Resort, Universal Orlando, and lots more.  Caribbean cruise deals are usually amongst the vacation packages also offered.

Hotels also offer military discounts if you’d just like to relax for a while after a tour of duty.  Families are often covered as well, if you show your military ID.  Mariott and Best Western have military vacation discounts, so all you need to do is ask if there are any.  Choice Hotels Intl. offers overseas discounts to military.  Choice is a group of differently named hotels.  Clarion and Comfort Inns are part of the group.

Disney offers many military discounts at their parks and on their Disney Cruise Lines.  Disneyland and Disneyworld offer discounts to military personnel and their families at both theme parks.  Children are enamored of everything Disney, so Disneyworld, if you are planning that as a destination, will be a huge favorite.   Because that area in Florida has four Disneyworld parks, it can keep everyone in the family occupied and laughing with enjoyment for a week or more.

Animal Kingdom, Disney/Hollywood Studios, Epcot and the Magic Kingdom all have their own unique way to enable everyone to have a great time while on vacation.  Disney and a huge variety of destinations around the world want to honor our troops for their service.  Military vacation discounts at Disney or any other wonderful location or resort are a real cost saver to the people who protect and serve us.




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