Melbourne Holiday – Melbourne Cup Cruise

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Most people wouldn’t think of a Melbourne holiday taking a Melbourne Cup Cruise if they were planning on visiting Australia and although visiting Sydney is always an excellent choice and perhaps the most popular, there are other must see parts of Australia that you should put on your list.

If you just follow the beaten track you will just be in one place and won’t get out and about to see the things other than Sydney perhaps there is much more to offer you that perhaps you won’t see in a glossy brochure and what I think is a must see is to add a Melbourne holiday to your itinerary

Melbourne Holiday – Melbourne Cup Cruise

One of the most exciting and fun filled events in Melbourne is the Melbourne Cup this event is held the first Tuesday in November where the whole nation will stop and watch this horse race.

It is not just a horse it is where the ladies dress up along with the men or they will dress up in costume.  Everyone is there to have a fun day.  There are a lot of singles at the Melbourne Cup.

How to get to your Melbourne Holiday

Melbourne Cup CruiseYou will need to be quick as there are many cruises that cruise from Sydney to Melbourne to attend Melbourne Cup and people travel to Sydney especially to book this cruise to attend this race.

One of the best things is that you will dock at Port Melbourne for 2 days your cruise will include your entry to the Melbourne Cup and you will be able to come back to the ship to sleep and eat.

Your destination is up to you, of course, but just like in the US, there is so much more to see than just what the most popular city might have to offer.  And if you are not want to go Melbourne Cup at least the Melbourne Cup Cruise will get you to Melbourne to explore some of the best clothes shops in Australia with factory outlets having all the well known brand names.

St Kilda is a seaside suburb that has fun parks and coffee shops galore.  Phillip Island is a couple hours a way where you will be able to see colonies of Fairy Penguins, Fern Tree is a nice day trip have a steam train called “Puffin Billy” while you sit back and enjoy the scenery.

If you want to stay around the city there is the Melbourne Jail, Fitzroy Gardens with Captain Cooks cottage, Lygon Street for the most diverse range of foods that cater to any taste buds.  There is Melbourne Zoo, museum, Crown Casino to name just a few things that you can do when you get off your Melbourne Cup Cruise.

 Singles love the Melbourne Cup Cruise:

Melbourne Cup CruiseI am heading down to Melbourne myself with a few of my friends in a week or so and will visit friends who actually live in Melbourne who have kindly volunteered to take me to see what is worth seeing, and will show me what I want to see the most.

It makes sense to start planning your Melbourne holiday early and especially to book onto Melbourne Cup cruise that way you can look for the best deals and save the most money.

If you are single by all means do the cruise down it will be a fun sailing away with other singles by the time you have docked in Melbourne you would of easily found other people to go to the Melbourne Cup or just explore the beautiful city of Melbourne with.


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