Hamilton Island Accommodation – Whitsunday Islands

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Hamilton Island Accommodation was one thing that I wanted when I was to go sailing in the Whitsunday islands.  To be on board for taste of what it was like to go sailing for a day or two and then to return to the comfort of my chosen Hamilton Island accommodation.  As a newly single person at the time it was a little bit unnerving to go on holidays on my own as usually my partner and I would plot and plan on places to go on our next holiday.  But now that I was on my own I could go where I wanted to go and I did I planned a trip to Hamilton Island.

Which Hamilton Island Accommodation is for you?

I flew from Sydney direct to Hamilton Island and craning my neck to get a first view and I was not disappointed at the turquoise waters that we flew over to before landing.  On Hamilton Island it’s like no other island as it caters for people on a beer budget in burre thatched cabins to those that like to sip champagne Beach Club accommodation in 5 star luxury and be utterly spoilt, there are bungalows, high rise towers to private residences you can hire and also self contained apartments.

Hamilton Island AccommodationSo the good news is that there is plenty of Hamilton Island Accommodation it is just about deciding your budget.  And if you like me will go and see the real estate agency on the island enquiring about a place to buy after falling in love with the place.

What I liked about the island is that you get around on golf buggies from A-B as it is hilly you can get from your accommodation to the many fine restaurants on the island or up to the lookouts and view neighboring islands.  Hamilton can even boast the George Harrison the ex beatle has owned property on the island.  The island has it’s own bakery, night club, beauty parlor, trendy boutique, news agency, art gallery, day spa, and even a supermarket and a pizza place.

At the marina is where I was most interested this was where all the boats are moored.  Not knowing what sort of sailor I choose to book the catamaran that included wine and cheese as we watched the sunset.  What I liked is that you could be as hands on as you want with the skipper guiding you telling you what to do.

There were a number of Japanese and other newlyweds on the island and there is also a darling little chapel that you can book to get married.  What I liked though there were tons of single people so I felt very much at home as I mingled both on the catamaran and the restaurant later that night.

View Hamilton Island Accommodation – then what is there to do?

Hamilton Island AccommodationGetting out to see the great barrier reef there are a few options you can go out on board a large boat that has a bar and you are served lunch onboard.  There is an instructor telling you all about what you will find out on the water the type of fish you can keep an eye out for also diving and scuba instructions.  You are then taken to a platform that has staff along with doctors who study the reef.

What I choose to do is to take the boat out there and then have a helicopter ride over the islands and then back to Hamilton.  All of the scuba and diving gear is supplied and for those not wanting to get their feet wet there is like glass bottom boat.  But for me I just wanted to get out into the water and live my dream.  The day we went was picture perfect and the water was virtually crystal clear.

I tell you under the water was like swimming into an aquarium where parrotfish would come up so close you can nearly touch it.  I also saw a variety of other fish and an eel.  After spending the morning underwater I was starving and had a beautiful cold chicken and salad lunch all inclusive of the price.

I did go back into the water for a few more hours before my helicopter was ready to take my tired body home.  We flew over sweetheart reef where the reef as the name implies is in the shape of a love heart.  Camera clicking like mad as you can never get enough snaps to bore your family with!

We landed on Whitehaven Island and swear you would of thought you were ship wrecked, as there was not another soul on the beach.  The Island is renowned for the powered white silica sand was just unbelievable.  Reluctantly I picked up my beach towel and knew in my mind that I had found paradise.

Now back on the island I was totally exhausted from my day and it was a quick shower and dressed for my favorite time of night the cocktail hour.  I was getting braver by the minute and met other singles that like me came on their own.  Look holidays are what you make it and if you don’t get out from your room you will not meet anyone at all.

The cocktails I had was enough to ask them what they were doing for dinner and I joined them and had a fun night.  I wanted to explore a little more of the island and there are so many sports or if you want loll around the pool and pool bar.

I had booked a beach BBQ which sounded like fun and we were collected in this huge 4 wheel drive truck that we all clambered onto we were all giggling like teenagers as the guide had us in fits of laughter the whole time as we chugged and lurked up the side of the mountain.  Before we were to descend we all got off the truck-sipped champagne and ate nibbles and watched the sun go down into the water leaving the most incredible colors as the sunset.

When we got to the beach the path was lit with lanterns and the trestle table with crisp linen cutlery and glasses.  You could smell the BBQ as you got nearer and the taste of the most delicious BBQ with seafood, steaks and vegetarian option as well.

The night just got better as the evening wore on, we even gathered around a campfire and was entertained by a guitarist.  After I set down for a while people began to circulate and talk to others and so I decided to do the same.  I met people from around the world and by the end of the night we were chatting like old friends.

I decided to hire a sail boat to go around the many islands surrounding Hamilton with a few of now new friends, after about 1.5 hours of simple instruction we were off on our own, the freedom it gives you to put down your anchor at anywhere you want and to cook and eat the fish that we caught was something that I would never forget.

But it was the nighttime where we found this sheltered cove we sat around talking quietly as we drank in the beauty that surrounded us.  When we did go to bed after we talked ourselves to death the quiet serene sounds of the water lapping at the side of the boat and the occasional fish jumping out of the water.

This holiday was everything I hoped for and more.  Would I do the same trip again…yes!!  In a blink of an eye.  Don’t forget to get a better idea of Hamilton Island accommodation just look on the net for all the accommodation types that are available.

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