Greek Island Cruises

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For the best experience on your Greek island cruises, book on a line that uses moderately sized ships.  Even if the mega-passenger liners were able to get in and out of some of the Mediterranean ports easily, think of the long lines waiting to debark and embark, or to take a shuttle to a port.  Of course, if you’d rather spend hours getting to know your shipmates while waiting, that’s okay.  If you’d rather enjoy an activity with them on board or on shore, then smaller ships are a far better choice!

Greek Island Cruises – what to do on land.

Walking around Athens and visiting various world heritage sites, or exploring a glorious island set into the dazzling blue of the Mediterranean, makes a cruise through the Greek islands simply a stunning experience.  There are many unique small ports in the Mediterranean and using a smaller cruise line ship to explore them makes a lot of sense.  This is a cool way to explore with other singles, if you are so inclined.  It can make for far more intimate conversations when you shipmates aren’t lost in a vast crowd of tourists.

Greek Island CruisesOf course, there are all sorts and lengths of Greek island cruises.  One option alone lasts about 12 days and you visit the Grand Mediterranean, the Holy Land, the Greek islands (which are legendary), and many exciting and fascinating ports.  Two day cruises are available as well.  You can stay overnight in Giza, Jerusalem or Venice.  Speaking of Venice, Italy is a wonderful country to visit and what history is there, also.

Whether you love to meander on your own or go on a tour, there are plenty of side trip options on your cruise, singles of otherwise.  Don’t forget that the legendary Atlantis was reportedly in or just off the Mediterranean.  Which place that you visit could hold its many secrets?  The Olympic games were born in Greece, and this ancient country is the birthplace of many of our current activities and ceremonies.  Theatre was said to be created there, plus many ideas about democracy and other important issues.

Greek Island Cruises So many countries border the Mediterranean and it’s often thought to be the cradle of Western civilization.  Our earliest recorded history and writing was of the Phoenicians who were thought to be seafarers operating from the coast of today’s Lebanon.  After the Phoenicians came the glorious ages of Ancient Egypt, then Ancient Rome and of course, Ancient Greece.  Many others contributed heavily as well.  Artwork and statuary and concepts from these time periods are at the central core of who we are today.

So, if you’re sitting at home dreaming of sunnier climes and glorious sights and even thinking about meeting someone, then there are ways to make those dreams into reality.  Consider one of the Greek Island cruises.

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