Greek Island Cruise – Shirley Valentine Experience?

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Greek Island Cruise

is something that I always associate Shirley Valentine with (movie) when she left behind her husband and dull life and she just got up and left one day for a fun filled holiday along with lots of laughs sprinkled with a little bit of romance thrown in for good measure.

When I went on holidays to the Greek Islands the first stop I opted to start in Athens and did one of those traditional classical Greek tours but the holiday got off to a good start when I boarded a sail ship and sailed to Rhodes and spent the day discovering Rhodes which is described two cities in one.

Rhodes – Greek Island Cruise

The older Rhodes was complete with the cobbled streets and people selling their various wares at the market place and it was really like stepping back in time.  The people even dressed differently and were not it seems swayed by the New Rhodes, which surrounded the old and was modern and vibrant.

What I did learn about Greeks is that they only come out at night around 10.00pm and eat at little taverners scattered throughout.  The kids were not left with sitters many came in their pyjamas but happily played on their little scooters until Mum and Dad had finished socializing and gossiping.

We drove into the hills surrounding Rhodes on a little rented moped and it was like time stood still as women were in peasant type clothes and tendering the gardens and animals in the morning.

Our next spot we sailed into Mykonos into a picturesque fishing village where the waters were still and glass like if you could paint that is the picture that is etched into my mind.

We sat and had our breakfast of thick home cooked bread with thick freshly made yoghurt which had been topped with drizzled honey and sipped on our first coffees for the day.

Greek Island Cruise We watched as a donkey clip clopped on the cobble roads while automatically stopping in front of a house that obviously was a regular that the horse knew he needed to stop while his owner bagged up the vegetables and fruit the customer was buying.

The horse must have been getting impatient as the women gossiped and the donkey was screamed at to stop – which he did before he was tapped to go on again to the next house.

I just loved the lay back feel of the villages we visited and the fact that everything is in Greek time meaning relax it will get done when we get around to it.  I made the most of my shore time and sat and drank the fishing village scenery in.

It was picturesque.  At the end of the day I headed back on the sailboat and continued my Greek Island Cruise.

I didn’t have the complete Shirley Valentine experience, meaning that I didn’t find any romance, but I did meet some fantastic people who have remained in contact long after the Greek Island Cruise ended, perhaps next cruise?

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