Going on a Thelma & Louise Carnival Spirit Get – Away!

Cruise for Singles update

Something made my eye wander over an ad I saw on Carnival Spirit Cruise you see what my friend and I were going to do is to go up to Sydney to celebrate a milestone birthday we live 3 hours away in the nations capital and were going to spend the weekend in a hotel, wine dine around Darling Harbour perhaps see a show at night and shop. That was the plan that is until I saw the 3-day offer that Carnival put on.

So we weighed it all up and decided to do a Thelma & Louise forget about everyone else and just concentrating on having a girls 3 day run a way from home. I also discovered it was on my girlfriends bucket list and could think of nothing better to having the cruise experience for a few days at see to see how you would fit into a longer cruise.

We will be met at the airport by people from Carnival cruises representatives then to be taken to the port and then be given a VIP pass straight onto the ship.


We were determined to try as much food as possible and we thought it funny that the cruise director said that people checked on as passengers and left as cargo! The average people on a 14 night cruise put on up to 5kg, which is huge. I didn’t put anywhere near that on but maybe it was my saving grace that it was only a sampler 3-day cruise.

Honestly we were spoilt for choice with beautiful buffets that changed daily and also there was the outdoor BBQ, which was a big, hit. What I loved though is that the pizza bar that stayed open 24/7 and they made their own bases. Just the thing for those that get the munchies late at night.


Deciding what to do first was the problem there were informative general health problem talks, along with making towels into cute animals, pumpkin carving, meal tastings prepared in front of us. Bingo was a hit and we managed to get there on the last day. But there was also trivia played, outdoors golf, waterslides and water activities for the kids along with pools and spa – outdoors movies was a winner for everyone.

For my friend and I it was the ritual of having dinner going to the show and then the piano bar. I loved the whole feel of having a Billy Joel type piano player banging out all the favorite songs from the 70s and 80s and he had the place rocking.


Looking back we crammed a lot in with the 3 days that we were on the cruise for but the one area I loved the most was the quietness of the adult only area that had a bar and also a pool with spa and a few double hammocks strung up that gently swayed you to sleep. Also a range of daybeds and lounges making it the ideal place to grab a snooze or read that book that you promised that you would catch up on pure heaven. I love kids don’t get me wrong but it’s a haven to go to a place where you can really relax without kids.