Flight Voucher Bookings Review


Flight Voucher Bookings Review

I recently had some promotional advertising and was given Flight Voucher Bookings for booking with this agency, all sounded good but the old saying “if it sounds too good to be true it is!”  I thought I would give the travel vouchers a go to give them a test drive myself before gifting them to customers and this is my experience.

Flight Voucher Bookings:

I called the travel agency to make a general inquiry about using the travel vouchers and was told that all contact needs to be by email – no worries I thought and I started to fill out my request for a booking in June and also a further cruise in December.

The flight voucher bookings were already filled in with ship name, cruise number and obviously date and preferred cabin type.  When I addressed the email I thought it strange that a registered business was using a free Gmail address.  But regardless I the information was sent through and I waited for a response.

At the end of the week there was still no response to my email and the following Monday I repeated the details of my first email as I thought the information had gone astray or had been caught in a email filter.  Still no response to the email…hmmm getting a little sick of waiting for the travel voucher company to get back to me.

Flight Voucher Bookings company needs customer service:

Flight Voucher Bookings ReviewAnother week has passed and no response, I am starting to think that these people are a fly by night operation and then decide to give them a call to give the benefit of the doubt.  I explained to the person that picked up the call that I wanted to speak to the bookings section and was met with a response “she has finished for the day” I checked the time it was 3pm.

The woman said the girl would ring back, this didn’t happen.  At this stage was getting a little titchy and upset with the lack of customer service and the fact that there was no response to either email and phone call.

Getting onto 3 weeks now and I rang again to be told that the girl was on a call and would ring me back shortly.  2 hours lapsed before I needed to leave my desk for lunch and guess what she rang!  Woo hoo!  I rang back immediately and was told she could not talk to me as she was with a customer.

Finally, pushed to extreme frustration I wrote an email to say that I was going back to the advertiser who sent me the travel vouchers and would complain about the lack of customer service that I had received.

Flight Voucher Bookings – responds!

I received a curt reply to say that the vouchers are done in order of travel dates and at this stage that they are only up to March (my travel was for June) and that they would get to the order soon!

The question that I had is why had it taken over 3 weeks to get back to me and why was this not explained on the vouchers?

Good Customer Service is a must in Flight Voucher Bookings:

The reason why customers complain is that they don’t get answered and when this happens it is like you are ignoring them rather than acknowledging that they have a question.

Suggestions for better customer service:

  • If you have a small business and don’t want to be hammered with emails from customers set up a auto-responder series of emails.  The first email sent could be a thank you for your email and a way of acknowledging the sender.
    On this email could simply set out how the travel vouchers work.  For instance the travel voucher company could of said that the date of your travel is placed in date order date and emails will be sent to confirm your travel month prior or something similar to this.
  • Always be polite when answering emails and remember the customer is anxious to confirm travel arrangements and cannot do so until they hear back from you.

Flight Voucher Bookings fails on many accounts and they will go out of business if they do not look after their customers.