Expedition Cruises: the Good and the Bad


Expedition Cruises

If you are looking for an adventure, such as hiking along shorelines or through a forest to view nature’s beauty in raw it’s form – than Expedition Cruises would be right up your alley.  Allow us to share the pros and cons of Expedition Cruises with you.


DESTINATION: With Expedition Cruises, it is ALL about the destination, and not so much about the sea worthy ship journey that is taking you there.  For the most part, most excursions (and equipment) are included with the Expedition Cruises total price tag.

COMPANIONSHIP: Single travels may be alone, but they will rarely feel lonely on Expedition Cruises.  Since everyone is traveling for the same purpose, there is always something to talk about.  There is no “class” barrier because everyone has the same type of simple sleeping cabin.  The friendships you form on an Expedition Cruise are valuable and fun.

EDUCATION: The things you will learn on Expedition Cruises are well worth the cost.  Education is presented in the form of lectures, but not limited to them.  Many of the teachers will dine with you and answer questions in an informal setting.  Let’s not forget the experts that will be aboard willing to share their extensive knowledge with you.


CABINS: Expedition Cruises are built to be functional and do not have any unnecessary glamour.  The cabins are simple, small and all are the same design.  The toilet and shower are in the same tiny space.  I would not worry too much about the sleeping accommodations, because when you choose an Expedition Cruise, you are more interested in the things outside of the cabin.

PRICE: Even though the cabins are not luxurious, the price for Expedition Cruises is not inexpensive.   The cost may seem high at first glance, but when you calculate all the state of the art equipment, activities off-ship, and the education you will acquire you will realize that you get quite a lot for your investment.

SCHEDULE: Some people might complain about the tight schedule, but remember, you want to experience as much as you can in a short period of time.  You certainly have the choice to opt-out of any activities and just relax, but then you would not be getting the full experience that Expedition Cruises are offering.  For example, be prepared to be up at 7am, eat at 7:30 and be ready for your first activity of the day before 8:30am, and you will not get a break until noon for a bite to eat and then begin the afternoon excursions in less than an hour.


Expedition Cruises is not for everyone, but it is something to look into if you want to broaden your horizons, experience an adventure and learn something new.

We would love to hear from you if you have traveled on Expedition Cruises.