European River Cruises

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European River CruisesEuropean River Cruises possibly, a cruise down the Danube River could be the most glorious and restful cruise experience you may take.  On a river cruise, life is at a much slower pace and there’s time to actually enjoy sightseeing and dining and social experiences.  Not everyone enjoys rock climbing and surfing and watching gigantic musical theater shows and being in a swimming pool with a hundred other people!

This major river, which runs through many old world cities, has been an influence in Europe for thousands of years.  Taking a European River Cruises through here will take you on visits to countries like Austria and Germany and Slovakia and Hungary.

European River Cruises – Drink in the atmosphere

Long cruises will end at the Black Sea, because the river stops there!  Vienna holds lots of imperial architecture as well as ancient cobblestone streets and many 16th century buildings.  Imagine strolling through something that was built over 500 years before you were born!  Cruises along the Danube are popular at Christmas because visitors can shop for all kinds of gifts.

Danube River cruises of longer duration may include hotel stays.  Guides will help you explore land destinations.  If you decide on a Douro River cruise, this waterway will take you into and through gorgeous Portugal.  This country launched many explorers and its people settled many countries around the world.  You’ll usually start in Lisbon then leave through Porto, which is at the mouth of the Douro River.  After boarding, your boat will travel on an East to West route through the North.

Be part of history on your European River Cruises

The medieval city center of Porto has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.  There’s a winery at Pinhao that’s definitely worth a visit.  Port wine has been made here for a very long time.  In Alpendurado you can see a 14th century monastery (now, that’s old!) then head into Spain and visit Salamanca, which is a very well-preserved medieval city.  An ancient university also calls this place home.

European River CruisesOn the Elbe River you can take a look at the culture and history of the Czech Republic and Germany.  Explore Berlin and Prague and the soaring cliffs at the river’s edge.  You could visit Potsdam and its rococo palace as well as King Frederick the Great’s New Palace.

Check out some Martin Luther history at Wittenberg and at a church he is associated with.  Visit a porcelain factory in Meissen where product has been made since the early 18th century.

The Mosel or Moselle River holds access to some of Europe’s most enchanting and oldest cities.  You can usually combine a Rhine cruise with this one, as well.  See very old castles, vineyards and medieval villages in France, Luxembourg and Germany as you glide peacefully along.

Germany’s oldest city, Trier, was founded in 16 B.C.  Now that’s old!  It has Roman, Gothic and Renaissance sights to see.  Visit a castle and drink Riesling wines.  In the South, Bernkastel features 500 years of wine making and history and a quaint market square.  European River cruises will charm you with the scenery you will drink in along the way.

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