Drink Heaps of Water on Cruise For Singles

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Without sounding like an old fuddy duddy you really need to look at the fluids that you are taking in when you are on your cruise. And no the mudslide cocktail and or the beer are not going to hydrate you one bit.

When its holiday time you will be doing strange things one of things I found strange is that you would start by sitting in the sun listening to the music and then thinking if its too early to have a cocktail or 2.

You would not have this problem if you were still working but now you are relaxed and you think why not, or you may have gone away in a group and the group are all started to drink and you think what the hell – when in Rome do what the Romans do.

Ok the day is hot the wind in your hair and you think I am going for another. Well you could but you will start to feel the effects of the next glass differently and definitely more quickly.

It’s a combination of letting your hair down, influence of the group or what the hell attitude that you now have. What maybe suggested is that you do one alcoholic drink one glass of water. Or better still keep the alcohol for the evening when you have not got the sun beating down on you.

Keep an eye on the drinks too never leave the drink unattended nor be careful of those that are all too eager to buy you free drinks. Keep to your rule or really my real for a better time, no headache in the am by alternate your alcohol drinking with a mock tail (fruit based drink) or a good ol water.

Never let your cruise card out of your sight as sometimes accidents do happen and you could find yourself paying for another persons rounds of drinks without knowing it.

Many ships have the option of viewing your account on the TV in your cabin I got into the habit of checking the account every night and if something is not on there

even coffee is dehydrating you! Not trying to be a killjoy but talking through experience of where I had to go to my cabin to my cabin for a little lay down and it was only 2pm!

Hope these tips have helped you or at least made you aware of what the hot sun will do to you when accompanied with alcoholic drinks. Also you will not faint when you get your account at the end of cruise!