Do’s and Don’ts for Cruising With a Baby

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do’s and don’ts for cruising with a baby

Traveling with infants and little ones can be challenging, but consider some do’s and don’ts for cruising with a baby to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

There are certain things that you want to DO in preparation when you take an infant on your vacation cruise:

– Book early to guarantee your preferred seating (earlier is preferred with little ones).

– Select a cabin with a balcony, so you can relax in the sun while your baby naps.

– Pack an inflatable baby bathtub as most cabins only have shower stalls.

– Definitely fly in the day before your ship leaves port, babies require more time, and this gives you plenty of time to purchase any last minute necessities and plan for the unexpected.

– Some research is recommended for your port of destination, such as seeking out destinations and sites that are kid-friendly, such as museums that are dedicated to curious children, also beaches and playgrounds, so they can run and burn some energy.

– Do rent a car with a car seat for your onshore excursions, so you can end the touring process when your little one gets fussy.

Cruises do a wonderful job at taking formal photographs, so pack a little tuxedo or formal wear for your baby; the moment will be ever frozen in time.

– Definitely use the nursery or babysitting services that cruise ships offer.  Most cruise lines offer a safe play area.  Spend the extra on an in-cabin baby-sitter; it will be worth the expense, so you can enjoy an evening of dancing under the stars with your lover.  Of course, check the availability and the credentials of anyone you leave your little one with.

The main areas of cruise liners are not “baby safe”, there are open stairwells and railings.  Extra caution is needed in these areas.

do’s and don’ts for cruising with a babyDON’T forget and DON’T make assumptions in certain areas:

– Don’t bring along a large stroller, an umbrella type stroller or even a carrier is lighter and easier to maneuver in small spaces.

– Don’t assume that you can get baby over the counter medical items in the shop on the cruise ships, create your own baby emergency pack that will include thermometer, cough medicine, baby nail clippers, etc.  Keep in mind, that it is very costly if you need to make a trip to see the doctor on board the ship.

– Don’t forsake the self-service laundry option on board, or you might find yourself hand washing baby t-shirts and “onesies” in the bathroom sink.

– Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your child will stick to their regular eating and sleeping habits while on board the ship.  It is true that some babies may sleep better with the constant rocking motion, but this ideal scenario is not always the case.

Unless you are confident that your tiny tot can handle long excursions on shore, don’t book them.  Some buses may come equipped with baby car seats, but they are not the place to change diapers.

If you have some tips to share about traveling on a cruise with babies or young children, we would love to hear about them.  Thank you for taking the time read this article.  Enjoy your travels with the entire family.