Disney Cruise Vacation

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Disney Cruise VacationDisney Cruise VacationI know what you are thinking when you see this heading, your thinking kids, kids and more kids.  Let you in on a secret that these cruises attracts singles too!  These cruises has people smiling as they board because they know that they are virtually going to be guaranteed a whole lot of fun from they step on board and until they get off. People tend to let their guard down as they know that they can be silly and no one is going to give them a second look.  These cruises attract people from all walks of life and I know that there are a great many singles that go on these cruises either team up with a few friends and come along or meet others on board.

Whether you are a first time or regular visitor of Disney Theme Parks and movie studios, you should take a Disney cruise Vacation. Disney operates a cruise line, currently they own two ships and they are going to further expand this service. Disney Cruise Vacation is great for the entire family and you can obtain a trip according to your own requirements. This cruise line has a separate region for kids and children, teens and adults so people of all ages can obtain entertainment. They offer very unique services to parents as well as newlywed couples.

History Disney Cruise Vacation

Disney Cruise VacationThe first cruise ship added to this cruise line was Disney Magic, it started operating during 1998. One year later, they added a new ship and named it Disney Wonder. These ships consist of 870+ state rooms and the design and features of these rooms are almost the same. You can book a place on one of these cruises for 3,4 or 7 nights. These cruise lines visit different areas in Caribbean. The departure point of these ships is Port Canaveral located in Florida and trip ends at Castaway Cay. Castaway Cay is an island owned by Disney Corp. in Bahamas. The company uses this island for passengers, crew and ships so they can have some recreational and relaxing activities over there. These cruises can be obtained in a combo package along with a stay in the Walt Disney Resort located in Orlando, Florida.

Disney Cruise Vacation – what’s on board?

Disney characters and themes are used to design the ships, these ships provide a nostalgic experience of luxury ships of the olden days. These ships offer variety of services along with spas, hair salons, movie theaters, entertainment areas, swimming pools and restaurants. These ships provide a great dining experience and they have a separate dining area for adults only which the singles will love to hang out.

The cruise called Disney Wonder has a play area for kids recognized as Oceaneer’s Club. The club is designed on Peter Pan theme, a cartoon character of Disney. This play area comprises of climbing spaces, storytelling area and computers. Teens have a separate area named as Aloft. This area comprises of games, mp3 music and TV sets. The cruise is made by combing the design of the ships of past and up to date technology.

Disney has decided to offer a new cruise ship that will depart from Barcelona and make stops in: Sicily, France, Italy and Canary Island. Disney Corporation will continue expanding and soon Disney Cruise vacation will become a dream of every individual.

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