Cruising with Diabetes

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Cruising with Diabetes

The delicious treats found on a cruise ship can be a nightmare for diabetics, but the good news is that cruise lines are getting the message from concerned cruisers and targeting a clientele that prefer and require a healthier eating choice. Many menu items now have less than 30% fat.

Carnival Cruises offer a low calorie meal option for lunch and dinner.

Royal Caribbean Cruises also offer healthier dinner and lunch options at their Ship Shape Spa.

Princess Cruises offer lighter fare as well as fresh fruit and healthy sorbets as a dessert options.

Costa Cruises also offers a healthier eating option with Italian flare.

In addition to the cuisine, many cruise ships offer excellent fitness facilities, aerobic classes, tennis, golfing, swimming pool and one on one physical fitness training.

Diabetes-specific Cruises

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas has, in the past, offers cruises that targeted toward the specific needs of diabetics and their families. They offer seminars, workshops and detailed teachings to educate individuals about the disease while enjoying a beautiful cruising experience.

Specialty Group Cruise is a great resource to finding cruises that are centered on diabetics and their needs. To acquire more information, call 1-800-228-0558.

Tips that Diabetics should consider prior to boarding a cruise

  1. Check in with your health care professional before cruising out of the country.
  2. Confirm that your current health insurance plan covers medical issues that may occur outside your local area.
  3. Wear identification that allows others to know that you have diabetes.
  4. Carry double the amount of medication, supplies and insulin with you.
  5. When enjoying a shore trip, pack an extra pair of socks, snacks and medical supplies. In addition to wearing comfortable shoes and a hat to avoid potential damage from the sun.
  6. Be advised that you will probably be testing your blood glucose levels more frequently while cruising.
  7. Consider time zone changes with flying to and from the cruise ship. For instance, the days are shorter when you are flying east and they are longer when flying toward the west coast.
  8. When cruising with medication that needs to be kept cold, the mini bars are not a suitable option as they are not designed to reach the proper temperature to keep medication safe and effective. Many cruise lines have Medi coolers available on a first come basis. Also the medical center onboard the ship can offer you assistance in keeping medication at a safe temperature.
  9. Have a copy of your prescription on you at all times in case local authorities question you about your medications.
  10. Take care when eating on foreign lands. Avoid raw vegetables and fresh fruit.

Diabetics and their families can enjoy a relaxing and even educational cruising experience, so there is no reason that your disease should stop you for traveling on a big ship to exotic places.

Bon Voyage!