Cruises to Hawaii – Sit Back & Relax

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Cruises to Hawaii Taking one of those cruises to Hawaii is often a dream for many vacation planners.  Hawaii has an incredibly lush tropical landscape, green waters, historical buildings and a thriving metropolis in Honolulu, which is the capital.  Each island, ranging from small to the biggest (Hawaii itself), offers a unique perspective on the Hawaiian culture and way of life.

You can go island hopping on your selected cruises to Hawaii, and whether you are on a special interest group voyage, such as a singles cruise, or family cruise, or a mixed cruise, the climate in Hawaii provides many opportunities for outdoor sports, indoor pleasures, or just plain relaxing.  Highlighted below are just a few of the pleasure of this tropical paradise, which you can sample on your Hawaiian cruise:

Cruises to Hawaii can include:


This is absolutely the island to be on for anniversaries, honeymoons and vacations.  It has a lot of unspoiled areas to play in, and on the West side of the island there’s Kahalui — with miles of white sands and beautifully clear water.  And oh, the rainbows!  This state is famous for its rainbows which seem to appear after every tropical rainstorm!  Kahalui has the only deep water harbor on the island, plus the Kahana Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kona, Hawaii

Cruises to Hawaii Love coffee?  This is where it’s grown.  Colorful poinsettias and bougainvilla grow everywhere and Hawaiian royals used this island as their residence in the Summer.  Along with Kona coffee, the rich dark soil grows macadamia nuts, those sweet, large nuts used in wonderful white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies!  Many quaint shops offer these food treasures, plus coral jewelry and handmade loose dresses called muumuus.  A wonderful place to visit while on land at a port of call, is Hulihee Palace, which boasts a superb collection of royal antiques.


The fragrance of anthariums and orchids fill the air during your visit to the state’s second biggest city, after Honolulu.  There are many quaint Victorian homes for your walking tour, and these overlook Half Moon Bay.  There’s a Japanese-styled Yedo Garden here, as well as a green and tropical forest and Akaka Falls.


This is a perfect and compact island to make landfall on one of your cruises to Hawaii.   We know there will be many more, if this is your first one.  This island has magnificent waterfalls, crystal-watered pools, sandy beaches and spectacular sunsets.  It’s called the garden isle of the entire Pacific.  The people here are hospitable, and will amply share the spirit of true Aloha with all visitors.


You can spend well over twenty-four hours exploring Honolulu, if your cruise ship stops here for the entire day.  Take in the pulsating nightlife, quiet coves, perfect beaches and five star dining.

The world renowned Diamond Head, which is an extinct volcano, the Polynesian Cultural Center, and the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor are truly memorable places to visit on one of your cruises to Hawaii.


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