Cruises From Baltimore

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Cruises From Baltimore If you live in Maryland or are just visiting there, trying one of the available cruises from Baltimore will make your leisure time much more fun.  A singles, mixed, special interest or family cruise from Baltimore could be the perfect way to spend a day, or your entire vacation.  Both a small trip cruise line and 2 large ones have cruises from this city.

Many people within Baltimore can drive to the city and avail themselves of a fantastic cruise.   When you are on board a cruise ship, there are many things to experience, or just relax.  That’s the advantage of cruising.  Before or after your cruise, you can also stay at one of the many terrific Baltimore hotels, if you wish.

If you take a large ship cruise, you can visit the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Bermuda, as well as Canada.  Small cruise lines go to the Intracoastal Waterway and Chesapeake Bay.  Carnival fun ships, for instance, offer cruises to the Caribbean all year long.  They usually last a week and are an excellent way to get your feet wet or renew your love of cruising.

Cruises from Baltimore – what are the choices?

Another excellent cruise line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, goes from Baltimore on a five, nine or twelve night Caribbean cruise, as well as a wonderful nine night one to Canada.  If you’d like to cruise on around Chesapeake Bay or down the Intracoastal Waterway on one of your cruises from Baltimore, then other cruise lines are worthy of consideration.  These smaller ships can pop in and out of ports with shallow waters, so they go where no bigger cruise ship has gone before!

Cruises From Baltimore Bermuda, known for brilliant gardens, short pants, pastel-colored houses, and lots of golf courses, is only six hundred miles off North Carolina, so it’s easy to get to when you set sail with cruises from Baltimore.  You’ll see pink sand on Bermuda!  You’ll be British for the day while you visit Bermuda.  Shop in upscale stores, ride around the island on bicycles or motor scooters, dine on spicy island cuisine, play golf, or snorkel or scuba dive off Bermuda’s barrier reef.

Day cruises out of Baltimore on small cruise lines take you to Chesapeake Bay where you can visit beautiful and historic ports, as well as rivers which feed into it.  This bay is  one of the U.S.’s great waterway’s and worth every minute of your cruise there.  Popular ports of call in the area include Yorktown, Tangier Island, crabby Crisfield, Annapolis, and St. Michaels.  You’ll have fun visiting many restaurants, museums and shops.

Cruises from Baltimore offer a varied slate of both short and longer cruise vacations and are a wonderful option from the sometimes routine fare of large ports like NYC, or Long Beach in California.

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