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Cruises for Singles

Welcome to our website Cruises for Singles. Here you will be able to feel right at home as I am about to talk to you like an old friend of my own experiences on cruises for singles. I am not a travel agent but I love to travel, being single is something I am not real good at right now but I am working on it.

Being a workaholic doesn’t give a person anytime to be on their own but you know when the world closes in on you it is good to get away on your own and collect your thoughts. That is when I decided to leave my comfort zone and go on a cruise for singles. At the time I was a little nervous but I need not of worried as I was made to feel comfortable from the time that I boarded. With no sense of direction I went on a walk to explore the ship and got lost a few times but was soon pointed back to the right direction. I promised myself to make an effort to enjoy the experience of sailing and to get involved with what was happening on and off the ship.

I swam in the pool, and played deck games with others and on other days I just read and slept. What I liked though was the dining experience where you were greeted at the door and was asked if you wanted to dine with others or on your own. I was seated with a group of 10 and after about a few minutes we were chatting and laughing like we had known each other for ages. Time just slipped away as I ate our meal and enjoyed meeting others from around the world.

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Perhaps what I enjoyed the most is the fact that I felt safe and if I wanted to go to a show at night on my own it was fine and I kept meeting other new people everywhere I went on the cruise ship. There are live bands on the ship where you would go after the show and listen to easy listening music and get up for a dance or just sit back with your new friends and chat.

The single travel tours were provided on the ship but I found that at times that they were offered a lot cheaper on the island themselves. There are various tours but what I like to do is get off the beaten track and I did this and went on a track that twisted and turned where I was met half way down the track by a little native boy with a torch onward we walked until we were in a cave with just a few others.

Cruises for SinglesThe guide was egging us on to jump into the water, but I could not see a foot in front of me until he shined his torch on the water, but even then I couldn’t bring myself to jump first. The native jumped in first and giggled at us delaying our entry to the water. One by one we jumped in and then it was my turn and I silently prayed that I would be ok. One last squeal from me and I jumped in as I held held my nose. Fantastic feeling when you have done something that you normally wouldn’t be game to do!!

With the friendships I made on board I ended up swapping phone numbers and email addresses of many on board the ship. I would do another cruise in a heart beat as I had so much fun doing things that I normally would not of done. The food was fantastic and of course I ate way too much. I even had time to have a little on board romance which is still going strong.

Don’t be put off by the tag “singles” you will have a ball that will give you memories to last a lifetime.

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